10 Time Management Errors most of us make (Part 2)

6. Losing Sight of Our Targets

Despite having set goals, many people get distracted along the way. They want to do their work, but suddenly realize they have spent 30 minutes surfing through social media instead. Be sure to focus on your goals and targets!

A simple way of ensuring that is to shield yourself from all distractions. If possible, it’s always recommended to stay offline while you work. Sit in a workplace with as little distractions as possible, and follow your to-do list one tick at a time.

7. Not setting Any Aims, Goals or Targets

This is another common mistake that unproductive people make: they don’t think about their goals, aims and targets in terms of attainable deadlines. Many of us never set targets. We like to take a reactionary approach to life, meaning we allow things to happen and then react, instead of making things happen.

Life without motivation and passion is a dull and unfulfilling. It is a life where dreams are never realized. If you don’t set a target, how could you possibly reach it? Take some time to think about your dreams. Write down a list and thin: which goals can you really achieve and which ones must remain day-dreams? Once you have established the possible targets, go after them and don’t get distracted along the way.

8. All Work and No Play

This point is very subjective, as workaholics may feel they couldn’t possibly take out time for leisure activities. Other people might feel they are having way too much free time on their hands.

You will have to strike a balance between social times with friends and working hard for the things you want to achieve. While for some working during the night is better, others thrive in the mornings only, so you should listen to your “inner clock” and organize your day around. It is important to get sufficient rest, which will enable you to tackle the next task with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

9. Taking a Perfectionist Approach to Life

Nobody is perfect, so why approach every task in life with a perfectionist attitude? We learn far more from our mistakes than from the things we get right from the first attempt. Don’t contemplate over the tasks too much; just do them and see what happens! Richard Branson gives some sound advice on the topic: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

It is not necessary to know every little detail when you start a new task. Just make a start and then ASK somebody for advice on the things you don’t know. The Internet is an endless source of knowledge, so you can probably find the information you need with a single search on Google.

As long as you are doing something, you are always in motion and making progress, even when some of your actions lead you sideways rather than forward for a while. You will always have the edge over people who are just standing idly by, thinking about things but not doing them. Think about your goals, implement a strategy, and then go for them without hesitation!

10. Drifting Instead of Progressing

Sometimes you feel like you’re drifting. No matter how hard you try, you’re not moving forward at all. This is why you should think about attainable goals and compose to-do lists with achievable deadlines. Don’t make the list too long, since it might be too daunting for you to even start.

The most important method for boosting your productivity is developing a habit out of planning ahead in easy day-by-day steps. By ticking off the items on your list, you’ll know you are not free-wheeling without getting anywhere. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re using your time in this life to move forwards.

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