How do I get a food safe certificate in Saskatchewan?

How do I get a food safe certificate in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan food safety legislation Saskatchewan’s Food Safety Regulations (division 3, section 26) requires food businesses to employ staff that have obtained Food Handler Certification. To receive Food Handler Certification, Food Handlers are required to complete a Saskatchewan approved food safety training course.

How long is your food safe certificate good for?

5 years
FSS certificates expire 5 years from the date of issue. The expiry date is printed on each certificate.

Is the food safe course hard?

Exams are stressful, and the pressure of passing may leave you feeling overwhelmed and nervous that you won’t pass, even if you’ve studied and paid attention to the course. Keep in mind that food safety is largely common sense, and it’s easy to pass if you’ve been paying attention to the course material.

How do I get a security license in Saskatchewan?

To qualify for a full security guard licence, all individuals must complete the Saskatchewan Justice Approved Security Guard Training Course through an approved course provider and obtain a standard of at least 75% on the exam administered by the Registrar for Private Investigators and Security Guards.

Are there any safe food handlers courses in Saskatchewan?

Public Health Inspectors instruct Safe Food Handlers courses for the Saskatchewan Health Authority for Regina and area. The course educates food handlers on the dangers associated with food service and methods they can use to lower the risks of foodborne illness. There are two levels of Food Safe Courses available.

What are the food safety regulations in Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan Food Safety Regulations detail requirements that a food establishment must follow to ensure prevention of health hazards and the protection of public health.

Where can I get Safe Food Handling training?

I specialize in providing high quality, engaging and entertaining safe food handling training to you and your staff. I have been teaching safe food handling courses for 24 years to thousands of students. I am currently a Public Health Inspector in Saskatchewan and have seen first-hand what can happen when things go wrong in food service.

Which is the best course for food safety?

Food Safe Level 2 is recommended for food service owners and managers, kitchen managers, executive chefs and others who are responsible for managing food safety in the food service environment. The course has a short review of Food Safe Level 1, and modules on Managing for Food Safety and Writing a Food Safety Plan.

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