Is the movie Precious Based on a true story?

Is the movie Precious Based on a true story?

Precious won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The film’s title was changed from Push to Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire, to avoid confusion with the 2009 action film Push.

What’s the name of the song in the movie Precious?

While it does not appear anywhere on the official soundtrack, the song “Destiny” by Mary J Blige is used in trailers for the film. It was released originally on Blige’s “No More Drama” album, but was then dropped from the re-issue.

Who is the unknown character in the movie Precious?

Susan L. Taylor as the Unknown character in the film. At the beginning of the film, she’s walking to Precious wearing an orange gown and hands Precious an orange scarf. Daniels had said that he was attracted to the initial novel based on how “raw and honest” it felt.

What was the error code for the movie Precious?

(Error Code: 102630) In New York City’s Harlem circa 1987, an overweight, abused, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.

Who is precious’s mother in the movie Precious?

Mo’Nique as Mary Lee Johnston, Precious’s abusive and needy mother. Mo’Nique and Daniels had previously worked together in Shadowboxer (in which her character was named Precious). Near the end, it is revealed she grew to hate Precious because she would have taken her man from her which shows how needy and male-dependent she really is.

Where did the movie Precious take place in New York?

This marked the acting debut of Sidibe, who portrays a young woman struggling against poverty and abuse. Filming took place in New York City from October to November of 2007.

Who was Gabourey Sidibe in the movie Precious?

Gabourey Sidibe as Claireece Precious Jones. The film’s casting director, Billy Hopkins, found her at an open-call audition held at New York City’s Lehman College. Sidibe was chosen over 300 others who auditioned in nationwide casting calls and had no prior acting experience.

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