What is Bradford Council?

What is Bradford Council?

Bradford Council is a public sector organisation which is responsible for a range of services which benefit people living in the Bradford district. These services include social care, education, housing, highways, planning, environmental protection, libraries, street cleaning, waste collections and swimming pools.

What comes under Bradford Council?

List of wards in Bradford District

  • Baildon Ward (4 Mb)
  • Bingley Rural Ward (3 Mb)
  • Bingley Ward (4 Mb)
  • Bolton and Undercliffe (3 Mb)
  • Bowling and Barkerend (2 Mb)
  • Bradford Moor Ward (2 Mb)
  • City Ward (3 Mb)
  • Clayton and Fairweather Green (3 Mb)

How many councils are there in Bradford?

There are 19 parishes in Bradford District. Parish, town, community or village councils are the most local level of government in England.

How many employees does Bradford Council have?

approximately 8,500 people
The Council We employ approximately 8,500 people (excluding schools) including social workers, litter pickers, library staff, lawyers and town planners. The size and scale of Bradford Council makes it one of the biggest employers in the district.

Is Bradford a big city?

64.4 km²

Is Skipton classed as Bradford?

These cover northwestern West Yorkshire (including Bradford, Bingley, Shipley, Cleckheaton and Keighley) and southwestern North Yorkshire (including Skipton and Settle), plus very small parts of Lancashire.

When was the city of Bradford Metropolitan District Council created?

Since 1 April 2014 it has been a constituent council of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. In 1974, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council was created to administer the newly formed metropolitan borough.

Where can I find information about Bradford Council?

Information about agendas and decisions made at meetings are available through this site. You can also find current and historical election results, give feedback on consultations and help make your views known to us through the epetition section.

Who is the mayor of the city of Bradford?

The Council, which is based at Bradford City Hall in Centenary Square, governs the whole metropolitan district. The city was granted the right on 18 September 1907 to elect a Lord Mayor. The district is divided into 30 Electoral Wards, each ward electing three Councillors.

How does the government work in a democracy?

Instead of taking part directly in law making, modern democracies use elections to select representatives who are sent by the people to govern on their behalf. Such a system is known as representative democracy.

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