What is the code in the windmill on Paper Mario Sticker star?

What is the code in the windmill on Paper Mario Sticker star?

– 4123
Successfully escorting the Toad will make him reveal the windmill code – 4123. When this code is entered, the windmill will reveal a pipe to the cave platforms to allow Mario to get the Pipe scrap.

How do you turn things into stickers in Paper Mario?

User Info: Jakran. If you have a Thing, you need to go back to Decalburg. Stand at the fountain, and go left to the next room. This guy will turn your Things into stickers, as I’m sure you may already know.

What is the code in Paper Mario?

Head to the top floor and then flip to 3D in the far left corner. Walk toward the camera, hit the block, then climb the ladder that pops out. At the top, use Slim to fit between the lasers, then enter this code into the vault door: 41262816.

How do I get Infinijump stickers?

Press Y to paperize, then lay down the Flashy Clone Jump stickers where the boxes are. ? Blocks will appear for each sticker you place, and they’ll have a chance to turn the Flashy Clone Jumps into Infinijump stickers! Enjoy!

What happens when you complete the sticker museum?

Completing the Battle Stickers section unlocks an enemy gallery with enemy attack patterns, and completing the Thing Sticker section unlocks a music gallery. The only stickers that are not included are Kersti and the Flip-flop sticker.

What do leaf stickers do in Paper Mario?

The Leaf Sticker is a Sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. When used, subsequent stickers will automatically score an Excellent, and all enemy attacks that turn will automatically be blocked.

Where is the museum in Paper Mario?

Toad Town
The Museum is a standard video game museum located in the center of Toad Town, featuring The Super Marino (Belonging to a special Toad), Warp Pipes to other Worlds, an Art Gallery, an Origami Toad Gallery, a Treasure Gallery, an Origami Character Gallery, and finally a Sound Gallery.

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