Can you save Ser Thrask?

Can you save Ser Thrask?

After defeating the templars during the quest Act of Mercy, Ser Thrask can potentially disappear preventing the quest from being completed.

What did Hawke do with Emile?

What did Hawke do with Emile? Meredith asks Hawke to track down three apostates using unsubtle threats about Hawke (if Hawke is a mage) or Bethany. Eventually, Hawke locates Emile de Launcet in The Hanged Man, and the escaped Mage admits he lied about being a blood mage to make him more attractive to women.

What happens if you side with the Templars in Dragon Age 2?

If you sided with the templars, you will have to fight your way into the Gallows, facing mages as well as demons. If Anders was allowed to leave, he will appear and taunt you before attacking, and you have to kill him.

Should I support the mages or templars Dragon Age 2?

If Hawke helps to the Templars, many mages slaughtered, even if Hawke can convince Meredith to spare some lives. Whatever is Hawke’s decision, more Templars arrive in Kirkwall, so: helping Mages is the better choice because Hawke can help to escape to more mages, and can give more hope the other mages in the Circles.

What happens if you side with Templars?

If the player sides with the Templars, then the Mages serve Corypheus, and his second in command: Calpernia.

What do Templars do in Dragon Age 2?

The strong arm of the Chantry, templars serve as guardians of the Circles of Magi, hunters of apostates and maleficarum, and rarely, as a standing army at the command of the Divine. Through ingestion of carefully prepared lyrium, templars gain resistance to magic, including the ability to interrupt spells.

What are the specializations in Dragon Age 2?

Templar is one of the specializations available to the warrior class in Dragon Age II. The templar specialist’s talents are focused on anti-magic combat. It takes incredible focus to wield magic, but even greater will to withstand it.

What was the last battle in Dragon Age 2?

The last battle before moving on to Hightown consists of a fierce struggle between mages and Templars. A Blood Mage at the Docks pays no heed to your allegiances and attacks you with venom while summoning forth a platter of enemies so prodigious you might have a hard time swallowing it whole.

Who are the main characters in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age II thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a penniless refugee who rises to power to become the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age.

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