What is exogamy give example?

What is exogamy give example?

Exogamy is the social norm of marrying outside one’s social group. Biological exogamy is marriage of nonblood-related beings, regulated by forms of incest law. Cultural exogamy is marrying outside a specific cultural group; the opposite being endogamy, marriage within a social group.

What are the types of exogamy?

It is of two types namely:

  • Sororal Polygyny: It is a type in which the wives are invariably the sisters. It is often called ‘sororate’. The Latin word ‘Soror’ stands for the sister.
  • Non- Sororal Polygyny: As the term suggests, it is a type of marriage in which the spouses are not related as sisters.

What is exogamy and endogamy in sociology?

They are exogamy and endogamy. Exogamy is the social rule that requires an individual to marry outside a specific culturally defined social group of which she/he is a member. Endogamy is the social rule that requires an individual to marry within a specific culturally defined social group of which he/she is member.

What is the purpose of exogamy?

The proponents of survival value theory (Tylor I888; White I949; Murdock I949; Service I97I) argue that exogamy serves two primary functions: it reduces the likelihood of conflict within the exogamous unit; and it creates cross-cutting ties or alliances between exogamous units.

What Exogamy means?

Exogamy, also called out-marriage, custom enjoining marriage outside one’s own group. Exogamy is usually defined through kinship rather than ethnicity, religion, or class. It is most common among groups that reckon descent through either the father (patrilineality) or the mother (matrilineality) alone.

What does the term Exogamy mean?

1 : marriage outside of a specific group especially as required by custom or law. 2 : sexual reproduction between individuals (as of a particular species) that are not closely related. Other Words from exogamy. exogamous \ ek-​ˈsäg-​ə-​məs \ or exogamic \ ˌek-​sə-​ˈgam-​ik \ adjective.

What is exogamy and its causes?

According to Westermark, the most important cause of exogamy is the absence of the erotic feeling or the presence of sexual indifference between near related persons. But there are cases of people longing for incest which cannot be explained on the basis of theory advocated by Westermark.

What is difference between endogamy and exogamy?

Endogamy is when one marries someone within one’s own group. Exogamy is when one marries someone outside one’s own group.

What does endogamy mean in sociology?

Endogamy, also called in-marriage, custom enjoining one to marry within one’s own group. The penalties for transgressing endogamous restrictions have varied greatly among cultures and have ranged from death to mild disapproval. When marriage to an outside group is mandated, it is referred to as exogamy.

What is kinship and its types?

Kinship is the most universal and basic of all human relationships and is based on ties of blood, marriage, or adoption. There are two basic kinds of kinship ties: Those based on blood that trace descent. Those based on marriage, adoption, or other connections.

Which of the following is the best example of exogamy?

The best example of exogamy is the incest taboo, which prohibits sex and marriage among designated relatives.

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