How do you get Ralph Wiggum in tapped out?

How do you get Ralph Wiggum in tapped out?

Ralph is a non-premium character released on February 14, 2013, along with the Level 26 update. He is unlocked upon completion of the Wiggum House.

How do I get Wiggum?

Wiki Targeted (Games) For his son Ralph, see Ralph Wiggum. Wiggum is the overweight Police Chief of Springfield, and the father of Ralph Wiggum. He is unlocked with the Police Station. In the police department, he is the Chief (boss), along with officers Lou and Eddie.

How do you get more real estate value in Simpsons Tapped Out?

It is earned by leveling up certain buildings such as the Deluxe Condo, buying decorations and buildings that cost other Springfield Heights currency like Furniture, or by making Cookie Kwan Advertise Springfield Heights.

Who owns the brown house in The Simpsons?

It is one door right from the Simpsons and two doors down from the Flanders….740 Evergreen Terrace.

District: Pressboard Estates
Town: Springfield
Use: Residential
Owner: Formerly: Terrence & Emily Ted Flanders Mr. & Mrs. Winfield Ruth & Laura Powers Sideshow Bob (disguised as Walt Warren)
First appearance: “Homer’s Odyssey”

Where do you find the houses on the Simpsons?

The first Building in the game is the Simpson House and Houses are frequently part of the main Quest chain in the game, and the color Houses are frequently built in multiples by some players to get more Cash and Experience . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How much does the Blue House cost in tapped out?

The Blue House is a house that unlocks no new characters. The basic price is 1800 Cash, but its price grows the more Blue Houses of the player buys. It is required to be built as part of The New Evergreen Terrace questline The Blue House can be, like most buildings that raise Indolence ratings, raided by Homer .

Who is the police chief in the Simpsons?

Upon completion of the Police Station, the player will unlock Police Chief Wiggum. It has a similar exterior to Post Office and Springfield Library. Until January 2014, with the release of the Court House, it was the only building in the game involved with law enforcement. Springfield Police Station is the base of the Springfield Police Department.

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