What was the blizzard of 2016 called?

What was the blizzard of 2016 called?

The Blizzard of 2016 — named “Snowzilla” in Washington, D.C. — was one for the record books. An incredible 29.2 inches of snow fell at BWI, making it the greatest snowstorm on record there.

What is the most amount of snow in a blizzard?

The heaviest snowfall ever recorded in a 24-hour period in the U.S. occurred on April 14 and 15, 1921 in Silver Lake, Colorado. During this single day, 6.3 feet of snow fell onto the ground according to Weather.com.

What year was Snowmageddon in DC?

Ten years ago, D.C. bore the brunt of what came to be called Snowmageddon — one of the most severe winter storms in capital weather history. Between 1 and 3 feet of snow fell from Feb. 5 to Feb. 6, 2010: Flights at Reagan ground to a halt under 17.8 inches of snow — tame compared with Dulles, which saw over 32 inches.

How big was the blizzard in January 2016?

Regarding it as a “potentially historic blizzard”, meteorologists indicated the storm could produce more than 2 ft (61 cm) of snow across a wide swath of the Mid-Atlantic region and could “paralyze the eastern third of the nation”. Winter weather expert Paul Kocin described the blizzard as “kind of a top-10 snowstorm”.

Where did the snow fall in the winter of 2016?

The storm was given various unofficial names, including Winter Storm Jonas, Blizzard of 2016, and Snowzilla . Seven states observed snowfall in excess of 30 in (76 cm), with accumulations peaking at 42 in (110 cm) in Glengary, West Virginia.

When did the Blizzard of 2016 leave New England?

Early on January 24, as the storm was leaving New England, the system began to become elongated, as a secondary low developed to the southwest of the storm’s central low. On January 25, the blizzard left the East Coast of the United States; on the same day, the system was named Karin by the University of Berlin.

Where was the Winter Storm Jonas in 2016?

People cross a street during a snow storm in Arlington, Virginia on January 22, 2016. (Getty) Winter Storm Jonas, the first blizzard of 2016, slammed into Virginia on Friday and Saturday, bringing heavy amounts of snow, wind and ice.

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