What does it mean with u have ASCUS Pap results?

What does it mean with u have ASCUS Pap results?

Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance (ASC-US) is the most common abnormal Pap test finding. It means that some cells don’t look completely normal, but it’s not clear if the changes are caused by HPV infection.

Can ASCUS be cancer?

ASCUS is a very common Pap test abnormality and often means that there is no actual disease. However, ASCUS Pap results could be an early warning of a pre-cancer change (dysplasia) or cervical cancer, and should always be followed up.

What are the main causes of ASCUS?

ASCUS may be caused by a vaginal infection or an infection with a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus, or wart virus). Your doctor will talk with you about the options of looking at your cervix with a microscope (colposcopy) or repeating your Pap smear every six months for two years.

What causes ASCUS without HPV?

The most common causes of ASCUS Pap smear results are noncancerous (benign) conditions, such as infections or inflammation. These conditions can cause cervical cells to appear abnormal.

Does ASCUS mean I have HPV?

A finding of abnormal cells in the tissue that lines the outer part of the cervix. ASCUS is the most common abnormal finding in a Pap test. It may be a sign of infection with certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) or other types of infection, such as a yeast infection.

What infections can cause ASCUS?

Does ASCUS mean you have HPV?

What to do if you have an abnormal Pap result?

If your Pap results come back abnormal, your doctor will want to follow up to find out what, if anything, is going on. If you haven’t had one already, your doctor may order a second test, one which looks for HPV DNA. This will tell you if HPV is a likely cause of the abnormal results.

Should I be worried about an ascus PAP?

ASCUS is the most common abnormal Pap smear result. It is usually nothing to worry about . Although ASCUS can be caused by an early human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, an ASCUS diagnosis may also be due to irritation from sex or even bad Pap smear technique. Diagnoses of ASCUS will often resolve spontaneously over time with no intervention or treatment.

What are the next steps after an abnormal Pap smear?

If your Pap results are unclear or inconclusive, the next step will likely be a colposcopy . A colposcopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses a microscope to inspect your cervix. Your doctor will use a special solution during the colposcopy to help differentiate normal areas from abnormal ones.

Is an abnormal Pap always caused by a STD?

The most common cause of an abnormal pap test is the human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that lowers a woman’s immunity to other infections. Most HPV clears up on its own, but sometimes it will cause a distortion of cervical cells to develop. These changes can cause cervical dysplasia, a precancerous condition.

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