What is Whscon IDoc?

What is Whscon IDoc?

IDoc message type ‘WHSCON’ with E1EDL18 qualifier PIC & PGI to update the put away quantity and perform the post goods receipt in the inbound delivery. E1EDL24- E1EDL19 segment with Batch split qualifier ‘BAS’ to perform the batch split. Delivery detail. IDoc gets processed successfully.

What is SHPCON?

SHPORD/ SHPCON The shipping order and the shipping confirmation serve to communicate with a warehousing contractor / service agent. The latter supervises the warehouse and is responsible for the delivery. The contractor also either takes care of the delivery himself/herself or commissions a service agent.

What is SAP Desadv?

DESADV is the abbreviation for despatch advice. A despatch advice is a type of document that is exchanged in the course of procurement and distribution processes. DESADV is also the name of the corresponding EDIFACT document type of a despatch advice.

What is IDoc type?

IDoc Types are based on the EDI standards and mostly on EDIFACT standards. Basic Types (or IDoc Type) defines the structure of an IDoc. Each basic type describes standard IDoc segments, format of data fields and their size. Basic Type also defines number of segments and fields in an IDoc.

How many types of IDOC are there in SAP?


Message Type IDOC Type Description
GSVERF GSVERF01 Self-Billing procedure

What is IDOC structure?

An IDoc consists of a control record with structure edidc and one or more data records with structure edidd. The control record contains the sender and recipient of the IDoc, as well as information on the type of message.

What is iDoc configuration?

IDOCs can be classified into two . Inbound IDOCs and Outbound IDOCs. Inbound IDOC : These are IDOCs which get the data into SAP system from external source i.e PI system or any other external system. Outbound IDOC: These are IDOCs which are sent out from SAP system to any other system.

How to change delivery in whscon and shpcon?

Change delivery. If you want to change delivery, you can set E1EDL18-QUALF to ‘CHG’ and update change to delivery item. (e.g. batch, quantity, weight.) Characterics of qualifier ‘CHG’:

How is shpord / shpcon similar to whsord / whscon?

SHPORD/ SHPCON is functionally identical to WHSORD/ WHSCON. 1. Picking verification without flow records This type of verification is used if the delivery items in the central system are set in Customizing as non-picking-relevant. The picked quantities are reported by the subsystem to the central system.

How to use whscon IDOC in DESADV message?

My idea was to transform the incoming DESADV message into a WHSCON .DELVRY03 IDoc based on the documentation in: [Delivery Interface| http://help.sap.com/saphelp_crm40/helpdata/en/e2/654b15a9f411d184ec0000e81ddea0/content.htm] In the delivery header control E1EDL18 I used QUALF = ‘PGI’ (Post goods issue).

Can a whscon IDOC be used for goods receipt?

Can an inbound WHSCON IDoc used for doing both the goods receipt in the PO and the update of the message flow in the delivery? The binary answer would be no. You should use WMMBXY or MBGMCR instead. But if we are doing goods receipt against Inbound delivery then answer is YES with additionally E1EDL18-QUALF = ‘PIC’ populated.

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