What is Westview at Stamford Bridge?

What is Westview at Stamford Bridge?

Westview provides an improved matchday experience with extended opening hours both pre and post-match. The concourse has been refurbished to increase the available floorspace and bring in natural light to the area.

What are the stands called at Stamford Bridge?

The Bridge pitch is surrounded on each side by four covered all-seater stands, officially known as the Matthew Harding Stand (North), East stand, The Shed End (South) and West Stand.

How many people does Chelsea stadium hold?

Chelsea F.C./Capacity

What are safe standing rail seats?

Safe standing is a measure of design in stadia to ensure that spectators are able to stand safely during events. It is important in the context of association football in the United Kingdom, where a series of fatal incidents led to legislation requiring major clubs to develop all-seater stadiums during the 1990s.

Who owned Stanford Bridge stadium?

Chelsea Pitch Owners
Stamford Bridge/Owners

Where can I park at Stamford Bridge?

We have a private car park for the sole use of our guests and visitors to Stamford Bridge. There are parking spaces for visitors in the underground car park and accessible parking spaces (two hours short-term only) available next to the Millennium Hotel.

Who is owner of Stamford Bridge?

Who is the owner of Anfield stadium?

Fenway Sports Group

Will safe standing increase capacity?

Safe standing could, the report argues, increase capacity and widen the ticket prices on offer, leaving fewer fans missing out of the big games and improving access for lower income fans.

Which is the best part of Stamford Bridge?

The upper part tends to attract older members of the crowd so it is quieter still, but the views are genuinely excellent. The West Stand – The West Stand is one of the most modern at Stamford Bridge.

Why is Stamford Bridge a fully enclosed stadium?

Stamford Bridge has stands on all four sides and in the corners, so it is a fully enclosed stadium. This allows for a better atmosphere during big games and the removal of the old running track from the pitch’s perimeter means you’re closer to the action. Here is some info on the stands, all of which have upper and lower tiers.

How much does it cost to go to Stamford Bridge?

The cost of prices to see games at Stamford Bridge alters depending on where you want to sit, the competition, and who Chelsea are playing. Many of the more in-demand games will be sold via the club’s loyalty-point scheme. This is where the club gives members points depending on which matches they’ve attended.

Where are the Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge?

The Matthew Harding Stand – Both sections of The Matthew Harding Stand will offer a good atmosphere, but the lower stand particularly is dominated by the die hard Chelsea fans. This is where you’ll get to sing, shout and swear, should you wish to.

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