Is single stage paint still available?

Is single stage paint still available?

There is a good reason commercial planes, trains, ships, and even many trucks are still painted in single stage products.

What is single stage paint?

What is Single Stage Paint? Single stage paints include all the necessary chemicals in the mix to complete the painting process in one step, eliminating the need for a clear coat on top. Most modern cars use a two-stage process of applying the base color, followed up by several layers of clear coat.

Is DuPont Centari paint still available?

While there they informed me that Dupont CENTARI paint is being discontinued. It is being phased out due to government regulations. If you plan on using it for future projects you should consider purchasing it now. Some of the yellow tints are already not available.

Does DuPont still make automotive paint?

The founding father of the automotive paint business is being laid to rest. DuPont Performance Coatings, rooted in the dawn of the Automobile Age, now sports a new name after the completion of its $4.9 billion sale to The Carlyle Group on Feb. 1, the companies announced Monday (Feb. 4).

What’s the difference between clear and single stage paint?

Single stage paint is no different in makeup from clear coat. The only difference is that it is one chemical structure rather than two. There is still UV protection built into single stage paint, and acrylic urethane single stage is very resilient to sun.

When did they start using DuPont Centari paint?

by Paul Miceli. The DuPont Centari paint mixing system has been used in body shops throughout the world since it first came onto the market in mid-1980s. It is an incredibly versatile material that promotes high levels of gloss retention, fast application and excellent edge-to-edge color matching.

What kind of ideas does DuPont come up with?

Our [email protected] series explores some of the best ideas from across the DuPont ecosystem, from the chemistry of everyday life to innovations in food, “smart” clothing, and more. Let’s start an idea engine and transform the world together.

Can a single stage paint job be maintained?

Single stage paints may fade faster, but that can easily be maintained and brought back to a high gloss. Example of before and after buffing oxidation from single stage paint on a 1960’s Volkswagen. Three misconceptions I would like to bring up. First is that a single stage paint job will fade in sunlight. This is incorrect.

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