Can you hire someone to organize your garage?

Can you hire someone to organize your garage? is a professional garage cleaning and organizing business serving clients within 25 miles of every major city in the US. Based in Miami since 2012, we transform a cluttered garage into a clean and well-organized space through our 3-step Clean, Trash, and Organize process.

How much does it cost to have someone organize your garage?

Most homeowners spend between $1,092 to $2,357 nationally. Get free estimates from local contractors who can Organize a Garage….$1,092. to. $2,357.

National Average Cost $2,065
Maximum Cost $7,000
Average Range $1,092 to $2,357

What is the fastest way to clean a garage?

In general, the best way to clean up a garage is from top to bottom. Start by dusting off and wiping down the tops of your cabinets, shelves and refrigerator if you have one. Then, wipe down your garage walls and the doors of your fridge and cabinets with a warm, damp cloth and a mild household detergent.

Are there companies that organize garages?

Best Garage Organization Companies

  • Best Overall: Gorgeous Garage.
  • Best Full-Service Organizer: NEAT Method.
  • Best for Cabinetry: Premiere Garage by Tailored Living.
  • Best for Larger Renovations: Garage Living.

How do I keep my garage clean?

Tips for Controlling Dust in the Garage

  1. Begin With a Thorough Cleaning.
  2. Seal the Concrete Slab.
  3. Repair or Replace the Door Seals.
  4. Change the HVAC Filter.
  5. Install an Air Filtration System.
  6. Clean Lawn Equipment and Garden Tools.
  7. Vacuum, Don’t Sweep.
  8. Use Sealed Storage Containers.

What are the best ways to organize a garage?

18 Genius Ways To Organize Your Garage Use Bungee Cords to Store balls Use a Magnetic Strip for Drill Bits or Screws Old Tin Cans Make Excellent Organizers Peg Boards are the ultimate organizer Don’t throw away those plastic jars. Use Plastic Divider Trays for Small Loose Items Old PVC Pipe Is The Perfect Way to Store Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, ETC.

What are the best garage organization ideas?

42 Best Garage Organization Ideas 1. Suspend bicycles on a bike rack: 2. Store the hose and attachments with a metal bucket: 3. Store nails and other small items in plastic divider trays: 4. Use a paper towel holder for garbage bags: 5. Use this creative idea for hanging plastic storage bins: 6. Hang wire baskets on the wall:

How do you decorate a garage?

Another game to add in your garage man cave is a small basketball hoop. The hoop can double as a small decoration and can add a lot of excitement in your garage. A mudroom can be a great addition to maximize the space in your garage interior. Not only will it add color to your garage, but it will also keep clutter out of your house.

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