How do you beat the Arena in Oblivion?

How do you beat the Arena in Oblivion?

To fight in the Arena, you first have to go to the Bloodworks underneath it. Find Owyn and tell him you want to fight. He’ll ask you what kind of armor you want so you can wear the standard combat outfit. Choose either Light or Heavy Raiment depending upon which armor you’re more skilled in.

How do you get into the arena in Oblivion?

Go to the Arena district in the Imperial City, and near the entrance use the door to your left to enter the Arena Bloodworks. You’ll find Owyn, the man in charge, in the training room. Talk to him and tell him you want to join the Arena, and he’ll make you a member of the Blue Team (albeit reluctantly).

Where is the arena oblivion?

Imperial City
The Arena District is on the eastern side of Imperial City. It houses the Arena, from which the Hero can watch and bet on battles, as well as participate in them.

How do you loot bodies in the arena in Oblivion?

User Info: CaIiber345. During the Arena questline, you cannot loot your opponents. After you complete the Arean questline, you can fight in weekly matches against one, two, or three opponents. THEN you can loot their corpses.

Where is the Arena in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?

The Arena can be located in the Arena District in the Imperial City and can be easily fast traveled to. You can either partake in a fight or simply watch and bet on them but both activities only happen between 9 AM and 9 PM.

How do you Bet in the Arena in Oblivion?

To bet on a match, talk to Hundolin outside of the Arena entrance. He’ll ask you which team you want to bet on. Choose either the Yellow or the Blue team, it doesn’t matter which, and then decide whether you’ll bet 25, 50, or 100 gold. Head into the Arena and watch the fight.

Who was the founder of the Arena in the Elder Scrolls?

The Arena was founded by one of the greatest warriors known to Tamriel, Gaiden Shinji, during the First Era. There is not an exact date, but the Arena was constructed sometime during the tenth century of the First Era before 1E 980, the year that marked the end of the 30-year Siege of Orsinium that killed Gaiden Shinji and many other great heroes.

Do you have to wear Arena armor in Oblivion?

Also of note, when you sign up to fight in the Arena, you are offered the standard Arena armor which must be worn in a match. It is free to take and better than what you’ll have at the beginning of the game (with a 2 point Personality and 5 point Athletics boost).

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