How do I find big cartel shops?

How do I find big cartel shops?

Go to Orders. Click the action menu and then Search. Enter your search terms and hit enter.

How do you enter codes on big cartel?


  1. Head to the Account area in your admin.
  2. Click Design.
  3. Select the Code tab.
  4. Choose the page you want to edit.
  5. When you’re finished, click Done. If you’re ready to commit, click Publish.

Does Big Cartel take a percentage of sales?

The fact that Big Cartel doesn’t take a percentage of its vendors’ sales or charge additional payment processing fees is a big advantage.

What can you sell on big cartel?

Big Cartel makes it easy to sell your work online. We provide all the tools you need to get up and running, including your own unique storefront where you can showcase goods – art, tees, jewelry, prints, music, zines, pottery, candles, soap, tortilla towels, you name it.

How to set up a store on Big Cartel?

Pick a theme and customize it. Change up the color scheme, set fonts, and upload a header image or logo to give your store the vibe of your brand. Set up your checkout. For real, don’t skip this! It’s how you get paid for what you sell in your shop. Use PayPal, Stripe, or both for online payments. 🏆 Premium features

What makes a great big cartel store header?

Great header, extremely minimalistic approach to the overall cart and awesome product shots all results in a win in my book. Loving how all the product photos are shot on a white background that makes it to appear that they are just floating in space.

What are the premium features of big cartel?

🏆 Premium features If you’re using a paid plan, make sure to take full advantage of all the upgraded features Big Cartel has to offer. Remember, you can upgrade anytime. Enable inventory trackingto keep track of what you have in stock and have products sell out automatically once the quantity hits zero.

Who is owner of Delish condish big cartel?

Delish Condish is Black woman-owned by artist Kashmir Thompson and delivers nutrients to your skin. Painters, photographers, and illustrators use Big Cartel to quickly set up awesome custom shops. Find out why our affordable plans work for a few stand-out sellers.

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