What arts should Melia use?

What arts should Melia use?

Melia Introduction Melia is is a typical mage archetype, so she has high ether attack and defense at the cost of low HP and physical defense. She can use various ether arts to inflict damage on her foes.

What level does Melia learn arts?

This becomes a lot more useful once Melia is Level 44 and learns a useful Art that combos well with it….Spear Break.

Level Learned Art Type
Default Red; Physical

What are the best arts for Riki?

Riki Arts

Name Lv. Learnt Power (%)
Yoink! 1 100
Happy Happy 1
Bitey Bitey 1 150 ~ 231
Sneaky 1 100 ~ 208

What arts should Dunban have?

For Dunban Peerless and Worldly Slash are a must. They just improve your team’s physical offense to an absurd degree. Other Arts I like are Gale Slash, Electric Gutbuster, Steel Strike, Soaring Tempest, Final Flicker, and Demon Slayer.

Why is Melia so good?

Melia is the closest thing to a mage that Xenoblade gets, and is different in playing style to every other character. She has the highest Ether stat (which is just like Magic in other games) and the lowest HP. Melia is able to summon and then discharge various Elementals for different effects.

What is Melia good for?

In battle. Melia’s Talent Art Melia’s abilities are based upon Ether Arts, being a mage-like character with low HP and physical strength, while excelling in ether combat and defense, making her very useful against enemies with high physical defense or that specialize in ether attacks.

Where can I buy Dunban arts?

The shop in Satorl Marsh sells the first set, while one of the Frontier Vilage shops sells the second set.

Who is Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

This is a profile and usage guide for Melia, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find Melia’s roles, builds, stats at Lv. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork. Voice Actor (Jp.) Melia is the princess of the High Entia.

Which is the best physical Arts in Xenoblade?

A good example is Melia’s Starlight Kick, which can be used to inflict Topple on a foe. Normally topple is something you want for a character, but in order for her to use it, she would have to equip two physical arts, which is a bit counter-intuitive for Melia, the best ether attacker in the game.

Who are the four knights in Melia Xenoblade?

Melia is first seen fighting a large flying creature, later revealed to be the Leone Telethia, accompanied by four knights called Aizel, Hogard, Garan, and Damil. The knights are killed and Melia left unconscious and on the verge of death in Makna Forest.

What happens to Kallian in the Xenoblade Chronicles?

After Lorithia is defeated, Kallian is released from his existence as a Telethia and is able to share tender parting words that only Melia and Riki can hear. One year after the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, Melia travels with Shulk to the Bionis’ Shoulder in an attempt to reclaim the remains of Alcamoth for the surviving High Entia.

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