What is PTT in telecommunications?

What is PTT in telecommunications?

Push to talk (PTT), is a means of instantaneous communication commonly employed in wireless cellular phone services that uses a button to switch a device from voice transmission mode to voice reception mode. The operation of phones used in this way is similar to “walkie talkie” use.

What is postal and Telecom services?

Postal operations involve providing domestic and international postal services – receipt, transport and delivery of mail, specialized mailing services, operation of postal facilities and sale of postal, philatelic and mailing supplies. …

What do you mean by postal service?

n. 1. an office or station of a government postal system at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is dispatched and distributed, and at which stamps are sold or other services rendered. 2. the department of a government charged with the transportation of mail.

What is PTT short for?

Partial thromboplastin time (PTT) is a blood test that looks at how long it takes for blood to clot. It can help tell if you have a bleeding problem or if your blood does not clot properly. A related blood test is prothrombin time (PT).

What are the values of the PTT Company?

PTT values business conduct that is sustainable, sensitive to social wellbeing, and responsible to the environment under corporate governance and transparent information disclosure. It is committed to innovation and technological promotion in a tangible and relentless way.

What does the abbreviation PTT stand for in telecommunications?

Technology, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications. 1. PTT. Plesiochronous Trail Terminations. Technology, Telecommunications, Telecommunication. Technology, Telecommunications, Telecommunication. 1. PTT. Post, Telegraph and Telecommunications.

What kind of business does Pt & t serve?

The company caters to corporate, small/medium business, and residential segments across the country. PT continues to specialize in adapting its services to the particular needs of its enterprise and institutional end users.

Why do we need push to talk ( PTT )?

RugGear has provided PTT solutions to a number of companies, in industries that require sturdy and reliable devices for for their daily duties. Our Rugged devices, empowered with PTT technology, have added significant value to businesses by enabling and streamlining their communication requirements.

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