How do you sell multiple items in your inventory Sims 3?

How do you sell multiple items in your inventory Sims 3?

Raj21994 answered: If you have more than one of the same item, then a little triangle on the top left corner of the item. If you click and hold that, you can drag all of them to anywhere.

How do I sell all items in my household inventory?

The family inventory can be deleted by selecting each item and then click sell (you have to do each individually unfortunately. The personal inventory should be deletable by selecting the whole stack and then drag it to the sell field.

How do you sell stuff on Sims 3?

User Info: el_flel. You choose ‘buy’ and when the buy screen pops up there is a section called ‘consign’. Click on consign and it lists all the items you have available to sell. Double click each item you wish you sell and then when you’re done you can click on consign items (or whatever it says) at the bottom.

How do you cheat on your Sims inventory?

First and foremost, you will need to open the cheat console (CTRL + SHIFT + C), and type in testingcheats true. This enables cheats in the game on any active lot. This cheat and object ID will have to be entered every time you want to spawn an object.

How do I move my household inventory to Sims inventory?


  1. What you do is make the girl you want to move out the “main” household in the split household pop up. That means you move the parents to the right column (new household section).
  2. Then you put whatever stuff you want to the girl’s inventory.
  3. Now, you can move the parents back into the old house.

How do you move items from your inventory to your household inventory?

drag the items, one at a time, from the top of the stack into the world until all items are removed from the personal inventory that are stopping you from being able to drag the stack to ‘sell’. Then you can ask the sim to sell the item or drag it to sell from the world.

Can you open a shop in Sims 3?

You can own a business and fire its employees at will, but that’s it. In Open for Business, Sims can own a restaurant. With The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack installed, Sims can own retail businesses such as a photo gallery, bakery, book store, or clothing shop. …

Can you run a store in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 It allows the player to set up and run item shops on any type of lot, even if neither of the Sims of the households owns the establishment. The set that features a system of managing the store which is much more limited and different from other games where the game mechanic is present.

How do you give things to Sims?

In order to give a gift from Hot Date onwards, a Sim must have an object in their inventory that can be given to another Sim, such as a diamond ring or flowers. The recipient will either accept the gift, boosting the relationship, or smash it, causing a large drop in the relationship, and destroying the item.

How do you put something in your inventory on Sims 3?

Anyway, just click in your inventory tab and you can drag any item that have the cursor changed to a hand with arrow. Or you can drag items over anything that accept that type of item.

How do I put furniture in my Sims inventory?

Placing objects When a Sim’s inventory is open, objects on the lot can be grabbed with the hand tool, as in Buy mode and Build mode. Grabbing an object and dragging it to the inventory panel will place it in inventory.

How do you sell all items in Sims 3?

When I want to sell 150 apples in my sims inventory, it would be great with a sell all apples option. Selling them one by one, takes time. The life of my sims. Elina & Don. In TS3 you can click once on the upper-left corner and drag the item to the sell section to sell all of the items in that stack.

Is there a way to sell all items in your inventory?

Add an option to sell all of an item in inventory. When I want to sell 150 apples in my sims inventory, it would be great with a sell all apples option. Selling them one by one, takes time. The life of my sims. Alexandra & Ollie

Where do you store things in the Sims 3?

There are only two storage chests that allow you to store all inventory items in; you can find them under Storage –> Misc in Build Mode. There’s the two storage chests mentioned above which can store collectible type items. Bookcases which only store books. The toy chests which only store toys. And fridges which only store food items.

How do you delete items from household inventory?

> > Just click the item you want to delete and press the delete button and it automatically sells. > > I just kept on going click delete click delete click delete. And I was able to get rid of everything in less then a minute > Thanks – It worked but now I have a new question… WHY DID I GET SO MUCH STUFF IN THE HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY!?

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