What is the MERV rating of Filtrete 2200?

What is the MERV rating of Filtrete 2200?

Filtrete MPR 2200 Premium Allergen & Home Pollutants Air Filters

Attribute Name Value
Filter Life 3 months
MERV Rating MERV 13
MPR Rating 2200
Overall Thickness (Imperial) 1 in

Does filtrete 2200 filter smoke?

This 3M Filtrete filter removes even tiny, lung-damaging particles from your home’s air better than comparable 1″ filters. Change filter every 3 months, depending on use….Filtrete 2200 Elite Allergen Reduction Filter.

3M Filtrete 1″ Air Filter MPR Rating MERV Rating
• Ultimate Allergen (deep blue package) 1900 12
• Elite Allergen (black package) 2200 12

What is MERV rating of Filtrete filters?

3M Filtrete 1″ Air Filters Comparison Chart:

Basic Dust Ultra Allergen
Available in: 9 sizes 30 sizes
* MPR Rating: 300 1500
MERV Rating: 5 12
** Efficiency: 34% 90%

Is filtrete a HEPA filter?

If you own a Holmes air purifier, you can now reap the benefits of a top of the line Filtrete™ Air Purifier Filter. This filter captures 99.97% of unwanted airborne particles, thanks to True HEPA filtration. It even captures particles 1000x smaller than you can see, so you can breathe cleaner, fresher air in your home.

How long do 3M Filtrete filters last?

Filtrete Filters are engineered and tested to last three months under a wide range of typical operating conditions.

How is 3M science applied to life United States?

3M Science. Applied to Life. 3M United States Alert: 3M is committed to the fight against COVID-19. Learn about the actions we are taking here. We never stop inventing. We have over 100,000 patents to prove it. Every day we focus on creating meaningful solutions so you can have what you need most.

How does the 3M filtrete healthy living filter work?

The Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living Filter is 95% effective at capturing large airborne particles such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris. In addition, the electrostatically charged fibers attract and capture smaller particles such as smoke, pet dander, household dust, smog and bacteria.

How is 3M helping to help the world?

Command ™ Products Brand 3M biochemists, bioprocess engineers, mechanical designers and other research scientists, 3M is finding rapid solutions. Here’s how 3M is helping the world fight COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, 3M has played an important role in helping the world respond to this global crisis.

What does the 3M MPR 2200 air filter do?

3M MPR 2200 4-Pack Air Filtrete Filter Reduces Airborne Dust, Allergens, Bacteria & Viruses. Healthy & Elite Allergen Reduction HVAC Filter, Delivers Cleaner Air Throughout Homes (16″ x 25″ x 1″) . 3M MPR 2200 4-Pack Air Filtrete Filter Reduces Airborne Dust, Allergens, Bacteria & Viruses.

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