What are the 48 countries name in Asia?

What are the 48 countries name in Asia?

Countries in Asia:

# Country Population (2020)
45 Cyprus 1,207,359
46 Bhutan 771,608
47 Maldives 540,544
48 Brunei 437,479

Which is capital of Asia?

Capital Cities and States of Asia
Beijing (Peking) Beijing Map China
Beirut (Bayrut) Beirut Map Lebanon
Bishkek (Biskek) Bishkek Map Kyrgyzstan
Colombo Kotte (admin.) Colombo Map Sri Lanka

What is the largest capital city in Asia?

China – Beijing China, one of the world’s most populous countries, has the world’s most populous capital city.

Which is the cleanest city of Asia?

Mawlynnong village is famous for its cleanliness and was awarded the title of the cleanest Village in Asia. This village is also earning for itself the title ‘God’s Own Garden’. It is located in the east Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, about 90 km from Shillong.

How many countries in Asia have a capital?

Asia is the world’s largest continent and comprises of 48 countries recognized by UN and three dependent territories in total and all these have their own capitals. However, some countries in Asia like Bolivia is a country with multiple capitals and for Macau the country itself is a capital.

What are the countries of Asia in alphabetical order?

The always up-to-date list of countries of Asia in alphabetical order. A. Afghanistan. Armenia. Azerbaijan. B. Bahrain. Bangladesh.

Which is the least populous country in Asia?

That also makes China the most populous country in the world. Brunei is the least populous country in Asia with a population of less than 500,000. Now, after seeing the list of all Asian countries and their capital, it is time to test your new knowledge in our Asian Capitals Quiz and learn some fun facts about each country.

Which is the best capital city in Asia?

Because of the difference in the economic development level of countries in Asia, their capital cities are vary greatly in terms of the life conditions. The most comfortable for living are Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul. Such capitals like Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul are at the top of the world’s popular places for travel.

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