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How to become a well-paid rewriter

When it comes to the profession of a rewriter, the most common question is ‘how to learn to rewrite?’

Obviously, there is no proper answer except ‘practice’. The more you practice, the more experienced you become. Of course, most time you will probably get many negative feedbacks, but every kind of criticism is helpful, as it allows you to learn from this experience and improve your writing skills.

The main thing here is not to stop, as facing difficulties may be depressing. Never stop practising, try new spheres, new genres, and one day it will lead you to your success.

Two types of rewriting

Normally two main kinds of rewriting exist. The first type is sentence level changing, which leads to replacing words in a story without changing its structure (it’s also called ‘line editing’). The second type, on the contrary, is about changing the whole structure of your work, which means you will have to change the genre of a story, the order of events, or even characters.

When starting your rewriting career, try to show your works to different people you trust in order to get their opinions. Ask them what bits make them feel bored or are just confusing, and work on them again. Ideally, you should have a genius critiquer who may tell you what parts need to be changed in your story. This way you will learn faster.

How to start earning money

Of course, you are not expected to become a famous rewriter or a writer just in one day. Thus, the second question is ‘how to make money from rewriting?’

To start with, you may help people with their homework, as almost everybody struggles with writing essays. It’s quite comfortable to get paid to do homework online, as you don’t have to go somewhere searching for orders. Choose your area, start working, and it will be a perfect start of your career in rewriting. Also, you may look for some freelance websites to take your first orders.

Work from home task

The sphere is very popular, as most students find it difficult to write essays until the deadline given. Some of them work a lot, others are just procrastinators, so you can help them out and make some money. There is a huge number of online services helping them with home tasks, so you may choose some to work for, such as:

  • Short tasks sites;
  • Freelance sites;
  • Websites to complete online tasks.

The mission of these services is to reduce the stress connected to homework, and most of them take care of their reputation. You may choose one with a high rating or work as a freelancer, but also remember that your reputation is a priority. Choose websites with a good history and read all the requirements carefully. Writing papers is not as easy as it may seem, so be ready for different situations and try not to fail your deadlines too.

Writing articles for websites

Another way to get money from writing is to write articles. To build up your portfolio, you may start with low rates using websites offering jobs online, and develop your skills day by day. In the long run, it is possible to write for yourself and get paid by using monetization strategies. You may start a blog and attract more prospects, for example promoting products connected with the niche you are writing about.

No matter what way you will choose – a job of a rewriter and a writer are always surprising, and have a lot of opportunities to develop. You may start with analyzing your writing skills in different spheres, and then choose the one you like. If you were lucky with essays at school, it means you already have a good experience in creating original texts, so don’t be afraid to start.

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