What tools are used for repousse?

What tools are used for repousse?

Chasing and repoussé tools

  • A chasers pitch.
  • A pencil or fine marker pen.
  • Sheet gold, silver or copper.
  • A selection of smooth round steel punches.
  • A selection of blunt, chisel-shaped punches.
  • A repoussé hammer.
  • A hand torch.

What material does metal repousse use?

Many metals can be used for chasing and repoussé work, including gold, silver, copper, and alloys such as steel, bronze, and pewter. These techniques are very ancient and have been extensively used all over the world, as they require only the simplest tools and materials, and yet allow great diversity of expression.

What are chasing tools used for?

Chasing tools are tools which are used to create textured patterns in a surface such as wood, leather, metal, or clay. While chasing is often associated specifically with metalworking, it is a technique which can be used in other media as well.

What is the difference between repousse and chasing?

Chasing is the art of creating design on metal, from the front side. Repousse´ is the act of pushing the metal up, from the back side.

What is the repousse technique?

Repoussé, method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back or the inside of the article by means of hammers and punches; definition and detail can then be added from the front by chasing or engraving.

What is the opposite of repousse?

Repousse (or repoussage) is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal (Steel, Tin, Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze sheet metal) is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side. Chasing is the opposite technique to repousse, and the two are used in conjunction to create a finished piece.

What is a repousse hammer?

This repousse hammer (sometimes called a chasing hammer) is a versatile tool for forming and raising shapes from sheet metal. Sheet metal is supported in a bed of warm pitch and punches are struck against it to bend and stretch it from the reverse to raise a design.

What is a pitch Bowl?

Used to hold and heat pitch, which securely holds small items when it cools. The bowl is made from cast iron and the round pad is made of insulating rubber. The deep bowl can be tipped to extreme angles for working.

What is the difference between repousse and embossing?

When an object is embossed, it is decorated using a combination of both the chasing and repoussé technique. Typically, repoussé is first applied to the object to form the basic decorative shapes and patterns and then this decoration is chased to create further, more intricate detail.

What is repousse style?

What is chasing hammer for?

Jewelry Making Tools Hammers are needed to shape and manipulate metal. The chasing hammer has a head with one smooth, slightly convex side and one ball-shaped side. The smooth side is used for chasing or indenting metal and the ball-shaped side is used for peening or smoothing out dents.

What’s the difference between a chasing and a repousse tool?

The sheet metal is usually held in pitch as chasing tools strike the metal. The metal is pushed down and forms or designs will emerge as the process continues. Chasing usually refers to the metal being worked from the top side while the term repousse indicated the metal is worked from both sides.

What kind of tools are used for repousse?

Repoussé is done in metals ranging from thin soft copper sheet that can be worked with wooden hand tools up to heavy steel plate worked hot with power tools and machines.

What kind of tool is used for embossing metal?

An embossing tool is typically made of wood and has rounded tips in various shapes. Metal embossing tools are often double-ended and help artists create different line widths and shapes in metal.

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