How do you add flake to gelcoat?

How do you add flake to gelcoat?

Metal flake gelcoat is best applied using a gel coat spray gun to achieve an even coating and be sure to use an appropriate nozzle tip based on flake size. You will need to disassemble the spray gun to clean it well as the flakes can lodge into small areas.

What is the best paint to paint a fiberglass boat with?

The best paints available, in terms of durability and gloss retention, are the two-part polyurethane type paints. These paints are very thin, requiring multiple coats. However, they chemically harden to a very durable finish that will last for many years.

What tip is .015 flake?

Metal Flake Size vs. Paint Spray Nozzle

Flake Name Flake Size Nozzle
Standard .015 Inch 1.7mm or less
Lil’ .008 Inch 1.4mm or less
Baby .004 Inch 1.3mm or less
Trippin’ .015-.008 Inch 1.7mm to 1.4mm

Can you add glitter to marine paint?

For the ultimate flashy touch, add metal glitter flake to your boat’s finish.

Why are bass boats so sparkly?

Why do bass boats have such sparkly glitter paint? The answer is both by manufacturers to attract fishermen buyer’s to a good-looking boat and to hide the scratches and scuffs associated with hard fishing the boat will endure. There is also some belief that the reflection of the glitter will attract fish.

How do you mix gelcoat for spraying?

When using styrene thinner, add to gel coat at 2-5% to lower viscosity and aid in spraying. Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive is added at a 1:1 ratio. For all applications below the water line, add #71 Styrene Wax at 5% and mix thoroughly. Catalyze gel coat with #69 MEKP at 1.5%.

Can you mix metal flake in paint?

Mix one tablespoon of metal flakes per one quart of clear coat. Stir the metal flake and clear coat until completely mixed. Pour the metal flake mixture into a paint sprayer. Make sure that all parts and tubing of the paint sprayer are clean to avoid residue from a previous paint job ruining your project.

What size tip should I use to spray primer?

A general rule of thumb is: Heavy-bodied primers and primer surfacers work best when you use a nozzle size of 1.7 to 2.2. Basecoats should be sprayed with a 1.4 to 1.6 nozzle. Clearcoats should be sprayed with a 1.3 to 1.7 nozzle.

Why do bass boats have carpet?

Carpeted floors provide anglers greater stability and footing than traditional slick-hulls do. Since bass boats have flat beds with no real guard railing, this is especially important for keeping anglers safe. Bass fishing often occurs in very hazard-rich sections of water.

Can you paint an aluminum boat with metal flake paint?

At least 1 aluminum boat has metal flake, but you’d do best to ask Odessey directly about the prep, paint & durability.. I can’t recall if he sprayed it or paid to have it done or what kind of paint he used. Re: Painting Aluminum Boat With Metal Flake Paint? I’d hate to think I wasted so much money on a paint job for such an old boat.

What kind of paint to use on a fiberglass boat?

This stuff is meant for multipurpose applications making it a wise investment that is worth-considering. By the same token, this paint for fiberglass vessel can offer maximum protective coating that can fight off the rapid growth of algae, barnacles and other sorts of marine growth.

What kind of flake to use on a boat?

For the ultimate flashy touch, add metal glitter flake to your boat’s finish. Great Lakes Skipper has great discount prices on metal glitter flake to use on your custom boat, car, truck, motorcycle, or other project—it’s a popular choice for electric guitar finishes.

What kind of gel coat do you use for glitterflake?

We recommend our #180 Clear Gel Coat which is an ISO/NPG marine gel coat with excellent weathering properties and a high gloss suitable for glitterflake. Typically, glitterflake is used in molding applications. It is necessary to first apply 12 – 14 mils of wet catalyzed gel coat.

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