Did Tiger Woods lose endorsements?

Did Tiger Woods lose endorsements?

Not only did Tiger Woods lose his wife and the respect of some of the public, he also lost his endorsements. Woods has only two major sponsors left, that being EA Sports and Nike Golf. His losses were estimated around $34 million. However, with a return to winning will come a return of money.

Which sponsors dropped Tiger Woods?

SPONSORS IN 2008: AT, Accenture, Gillette, Gatorade — all dropped him after scandal. EA Sports — Tiger video game ended a few years after scandal. Buick/GM — ended in 2008, after his last major but before scandal.

Did Tiger Woods have any endorsements and sponsorships?

Woods’ endorsements were spread across eight companies – Bridgestone, Discovery Communications, Inc., Hero Motocorp, Monster Energy, Nike, Rolex, TaylorMade and Upper Deck.

What happened to Tiger Woods sponsors?

AT and Accenture both announced in December 2009 they were dropping their sponsorship deals with Woods. Those four – Gatorade, AT, Accenture and Gillette – are the four biggies that dropped Woods soon after the scandals broke. There is one other deal whose end might indirectly be blamed on the scandals.

Why did sponsors dropped Tiger Woods?

Nike Inc. NKE -0.11% stood by Tiger Woods during a lost decade for the golfer, when a sex scandal and physical ailments derailed his career and prompted sponsors from Gillette to Gatorade to drop him.

Does Tiger Woods have any endorsements?

Tiger Woods has had an endorsement deal with Nike, and worn the Nike ‘ Swoosh ,’ for as long as he’s been a pro.

Is Tiger Woods still sponsored by Nike?

Tiger Woods, Nike close to deal. DUBLIN , Ohio — Tiger Woods is close to signing a new deal with his longtime equipment and apparel sponsor Nike that will “emphatically” keep him as golf’s top-paid endorser, according to his agent, Mark Steinberg . Woods’ current contract, signed in 2006, is set to expire sometime before the end of the year.

Who are the sponsors of Tiger Woods?

Still, despite his struggles on and off the course, Woods is the greatest golfer of his generation and sponsors like Nike, Bridgestone Golf, Monster Energy and TaylorMade are not likely to rush and…

What is Tiger Woods lifetime earnings?

The Grand Total: Tiger’s Lifetime Earnings. Woods’ career income, including both on-course and off-course earnings, and using Golf Digest’s calculation of the off-course figure, totals $1.45 billion—$1,454,539,473, to be exact.

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