Where can I see Ken Burns the Brooklyn Bridge?

Where can I see Ken Burns the Brooklyn Bridge?

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How many episodes in Ken Burns Brooklyn Bridge?

Episodes (7) In “Brooklyn Bridge”, Ken Burns creates a moving portrait of the Brooklyn Bridge as it captures the imagination of Americans, and in the process has became a symbol of strength, vitality, ingenuity and promise.

How long is Ken Burns Brooklyn Bridge?

58 minutes
Brooklyn Bridge/Running time

Where can I watch Ken Burns the Vietnam War?

You can stream the episodes through PBS SoCal and the PBS app after the series debut. Streaming services will also have the documentary available for viewing on your favorite device (including smartphone, tablet or computer browser) for $49.99.

Where can I see Ken Burns films?

The entire Ken Burns Collection is now available to watch with PBS Passport.

Where can I watch Brooklyn Bridge?

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Who narrates Ken Burns Brooklyn Bridge?

David McCullough
Brooklyn Bridge/Narrated by

When did Ken Burns film the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge in 1932. Credit… Burns’s Academy Award-nominated first feature, from 1981, pays tribute to the Brooklyn Bridge — a majestic feat of engineering that the director frames as a symbol of the indomitable American spirit.

What are the subjects of Ken Burns documentaries?

Any collection of Ken Burns documentaries could be titled “America,” but this particular release comprises his seven pre-”Baseball” features. Subjects range from national symbols (“Brooklyn Bridge,” “Statue of Liberty”) and historic figures (“Huey Long,” “Thomas Hart Benton”) to institutions (“The Congress”) and groups (“The Shakers”).

Who was the director of the Brooklyn Bridge?

Ken Burns discusses his first film, Brooklyn Bridge, with Jim Dwyer of the New York Times.

How did Ken Burns tell the story of World War 2?

Gone are the talking heads and historians who populate Burns’ other films and analyze, often to the benefit of the viewer, the subject matter at hand. Instead, Burns relies on the townspeople to tell the story of the war, and while many of the anecdotes they relay are illuminating, they don’t begin to capture the totality of World War II.

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