How do you beat overseers lair in Swordigo?

How do you beat overseers lair in Swordigo?

The Overseer’s Lair is a location in Swordigo….Steps to defeat:

  1. Move to the 2nd platform and fire two to three Magic Bolts on the boss.
  2. ‎Fire two to three magic bolts from the upper part of the 1st platform on the boss which sends it back to the third platform.
  3. ‎Repeat steps 1 and 2 continuously.

How do you beat the boss in Swordigo?

make sure you have fire trinket on your sword. Jump over his head when he does his ground attack and run to the other side, keep doing this to slowly regain health with your shadow trinket. When you approach him try to get a few hits then run away. Continue to do this for a while and soon you will kill the boss.

How do you get past the dungeon of Florennum in Swordigo?

You have to use the bomb spell down where it comes out and quickly go stand on the pressure plate, the wall will come out pushing the bomb onto the button and it will explode. The spikes will retreat and the door will open.

How many bosses are there in Swordigo?

The Master of Chaos is the final boss of the game, and killing it enables you to win the game. These four major bosses are of an unknown level from 10 to 35, and can be refought. The dual-bladed Corruptor in the Chamber of The Mageblade, which serves as the first boss that has to be defeated.

How do you get past Greyhedge village in Swordigo?

Greyhedge Village treasure

  1. Go to the top half of the village.
  2. Get to the pots on the far right.
  3. Carefully jump across the gap.
  4. Place the pot you took in a manner similar to the third picture below.
  5. Place the two other pots in front of the door of the locked house.

Where is Florennum in Swordigo game?

Florrenum is right above the Lair of Death on the map.

How do you beat the first boss in Swordigo?

Tips to defeat the Corruptor

  1. You must double jump and land on the other side of the Corruptor when the Corruptor approaches the player and is close enough to you.
  2. Take the blue energy balls (replenishes energy fast) and hit the Corruptor with the magic bolt continuously from that side.

Where are the trinkets in Swordigo?

The Trinket of Ice can be found in the City of Florennum in the Eastern Guard Tower. There is a secret way to the right to the platform behind what appears to be a wall. Avoid the falling pillars, but you will encounter a HUGE falling pillar that you can’t pass easily.

How do you get 100% in Swordigo?

Swordigo 100% completion list

  1. Defeat the Master of Chaos. Its fighting prowess is among the hardest in the game, but it is necessary to reach 100%.
  2. Collect every treasure. Most of the treasures require well timed jumps, but a few require a minor boss defeated.
  3. Discover every location.

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