Is whizlabs good for PMP?

Is whizlabs good for PMP?

First-hand Experience with Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator I used the Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator to earn my 35 PDUs for the PMP exam and here’s my feedback: Their customer service is very good. It is a good mechanism for earning PDUs quickly and economically. Quality of questions is mediocre (overall).

What is the best exam simulator for PMP?

The top 10 PMP exam simulators

  1. Master of Project Academy. Master of Project Academy is an e-learning company based in New York.
  2. Prepcast. The PMP Prepcast is a PMP training company that provides a set of downloadable training videos.
  3. EduHubSpot.
  4. PMTraining.
  5. Rita Fast Track.
  6. PM Master Prep.
  7. BrainBOK.
  8. Simplilearn.

What is the passing score for PMP 2019?

There is no official PMP passing score or PMP exam pass rate declared by PMI. The last published PMP Passing score was 61%. Now PMI doesn’t declare the percentage you score in each of 5 domains. In fact, PMP exam results are based on proficiency level i.e. ‘Proficient’, ‘Moderately Proficient’, or ‘Below Proficient’.

How much should I study for PMP exam?

Most guides, courses and training providers recommend that studying may take from 60 to 120 hours. Calculating an average of 3-hour study sessions, this adds up to 1 full month if you study at least 5 times a week (60 hours), and up to 2 – 3 months.

How long should I study for the PMP?

Is PMP an open book exam?

PMP is a closed book exam. It means you cannot refer to any material during the course of the exam. You will be given 4 hours to complete the exam. These questions are set based on the PMBOK specification and PMP Code of Ethics.

Which is the best simulator for the PMP exam?

The best way to assess your current level of preparation is to take Whizlabs’ PMP® Mock Exam Simulator that is based on the pattern of the Actual PMP® Exam.

Is there a prerequisite for the PMP certification?

No, there is no prerequisite for the PMP certification exam. You can directly appear for this certification exam by satisfying the eligibility criteria for the exam. 10. How can I apply for the PMP® Certification?

Is there an annual subscription to whizlabs?

Yes, we offer the Annual Subscription in which you get all the Whizlabs training courses worth $2500+ at $99 only. With Whizlabs subscription, you will get unlimited access to all the courses and hands-on labs with Premium Support for one year. 17.

How long is the Project Management Professional ( PMP ) exam?

Real Exam Format and Information Exam Name Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certifications Exam Duration 4 Hours Exam Type Multiple Choice Questions Number of Questions 200 Questions Exam Fee For PMI® Members – US $405, For PMI® Non-Member – US $555 Passing Score PMI® doesn’t give percentage instead there is a Grading System

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