Is ondes martenot polyphonic?

Is ondes martenot polyphonic?

A player of the ondes martenot is called an ondist….

Ondes Martenot
Polyphony none
Oscillator vacuum tube
Synthesis type heterodyne

How is the ondes martenot made?

‘ The Ondes Marteno is made up of two units: the main section is made up of a keyboard and pull-wire operated by a ribbon controller for the index finger. The keys are capable of slightly shifting, which has the effect of moving the pitch.

How does the ondes martenot work?

How does it work? The main interface of the ondes martenot was originally a metal ring, worn on the player’s right index finger that, when slid up and down a wire, would create theremin-like sweeps in tone (through oscillations in vacuum tubes).

Who invented the Martenot?

Maurice Martenot
Ondes Martenot/Inventors

Ondes martenot, also called Ondes Musicales, (French: “musical waves”), electronic musical instrument demonstrated in 1928 in France by the inventor Maurice Martenot. Oscillating radio tubes produce electric pulses at two supersonic sound-wave frequencies.

What kind of musical instrument is the ondes Martenot?

Ondes Martenot. The ondes martenot (/ˈoʊnd mɑːrtəˈnoʊ/ OHND mar-tə-NOH; French: [ɔ̃d maʁtəno], “Martenot waves”) or ondes musicales (“musical waves”) is an early electronic musical instrument.

Who is the father of the ondes Martenot synthesiser?

Jean-Louis Martenot, Maurice Martenot’s son, created new ondes Martenot models. In 2000, Jonny Greenwood of the English rock band Radiohead commissioned the synthesiser company Analogue Systems to develop a replica of the ondes Martenot, as he was nervous about damaging his instrument on tour.

Why was the ondes Martenot used in World War 1?

Martenot had been a radio operator during World War I, and developed the ondes Martenot in an attempt to replicate the accidental overlaps of tones between military radio oscillators. He hoped to bring musical expressivity associated with the cello to his new instrument.

Where do you put the ring on the ondes Martenot?

The ondes Martenot can be played with a metal ring worn on the right index finger. Sliding the ring along a wire produces “theremin-like” tones, generated by oscillations in vacuum tubes, or transistors in later models. One of the earliest models of the instrument had a non-functioning simulacrum of a keyboard below the wire to indicate pitch.

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