What kind of rally car does Ken Block drive?

What kind of rally car does Ken Block drive?

Ford Escort Cosworth rally
An ice white, 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth rally car, to be precise. Ken’s car is an honest example with a 400bhp, 2.0-litre turbocharged (big, laggy nineties turbos) four-pot up front connected to a seven-speed sequential gearbox sending power to all four wheels via a complicated active diff system.

Did Ken Block do rally?

Kenneth Paul Block (born November 21, 1967) is a professional rally driver with the Hoonigan Racing Division, formerly known as the Monster World Rally Team. Block is also one of the co-founders of DC Shoes. In April, Block announced that he would be going back to Subaru.

Did Ken Block retire from rally?

Ken Block, the 53-year old rally car driver turned Gymkhana drift master, announced he and Ford are parting ways for 2021. The driver is now a “free agent,” according to Hoonigan. This content is imported from YouTube.

What is Ken Block’s fastest car?

Ford Mustang
Ken Block’s “Hoonicorn” is a 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged Ford Mustang that runs on methanol and hits 60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds. It’s an absolute animal and has been featured in a number of Block’s epic Gymkhana drift sessions. Needless to say, it’s one of the quickest and coolest custom cars out there.

Is Ken Block retiring the Hoonicorn?

Not really, because Block isn’t retiring. His exclusive partnership with Ford Motor Company has just officially come to an end, and as of January 2021, Block is officially a free agent. “His options behind the wheel are now wide open,” to be exact.

What kind of car does Ken Block drive?

With Ken Block no longer signed with Ford, it was time for the celebrity wheelman to line up some new rides for the 2021 year. And Block has now revealed his 2021 rally weapon of choice: a new, heavily-modified Subaru WRX STi.

Who is Ken Block’s teammate on Ford World Rally Team?

Former Subaru WRC driver Chris Atkinson has been reported to be lined up as Block’s teammate in the all-new Monster Energy Drink Ford World Rally Team. On January 6, 2010, the announcement is made as Block joins up with Ford and begins his WRC career driving both a Ford Fiesta and Focus RS WRC.

When does Ken Block’s collection of cars go on sale?

These cars are practically celebrities and they can be yours. At the beginning of 2021, Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing announced that the gymkhana guru and Ford have separated ways.

Where did Ken Block finish in the 2013 WRC?

On his first race of 2013 season, Block scored well, entering top-ten in the Mexican rally, thus receiving his first six points for the championship and score a best-ever 7th overall finish. Castrol returned as Block’s sponsor. He participated in the WRC located in Catalunya, Spain.

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