What is Sonae Portugal?

What is Sonae Portugal?

Sonae is a multinational business group based in Porto, Portugal. It is present in 90 countries, operating in several sectors, including retail, financial services, shopping centres management, software and information systems, media and telecommunications.[1]

Who owns Continente in Portugal?

Sonae Distribuição
Continente is a retail chain that belongs to Sonae Distribuição, the largest retailer in Portugal.

Where is Worten from?

Worten is a Portuguese consumer electronics and entertainment company. It belongs to Sonae and is based in Carnaxide.

Where is Continente from?

Lisbon, Portugal
Matosinhos, Portugal
Continente/Place founded

Is Becken a good brand?

In fact, Becken offers a good price-quality balance in all the categories of products where it operates. ‘Jullie’, which was launched in the Worten stores in February 2016, is a good example of the values of the Becken brand.

How many Worten stores are in Portugal?

About Worten: The company has more than 230 stores in Portugal and Spain, with central offices and distribution hubs in both countries.

Who is Becken?

The act of coming to one’s call.

Where is Worten?

worten.pt, operated by Worten – Equipamentos para o Lar S.A., is an online store with nationally-focused sales. Its eCommerce net sales are generated almost entirely in Portugal. With regards to the product range, worten.pt achieves the greatest part of its eCommerce net sales in the “Electronics & Media” category.

How many stores does Worten have?

About Worten: The company has more than 230 stores in Portugal and Spain, with central offices and distribution hubs in both countries. We have more than 4,000 employees working in multi-disciplinary teams.

What happened to Worten?

LEADING technology and electrical retailer MediaMarkt has signed an agreement to acquire 17 failing Worten stores as their Portuguese rival records another year of losses. The agreement will see MediaMarkt launch itself into the driving seat as industry leader in big brand electronics and appliances across Spain.

What are the two main brands of Sonae?

Electronic Worten 100% Worten is responsible for Sonae’s specialised retail in electronics, with two major brands: Worten (consumer electronics and entertainment) and Worten Mobile (mobile telecommunications).

Where is the new headquarters of Sonae located?

Impressive and inspiring: Sonae’s new headquarters in Madrid. 09 September 2019. “Bright, inspiring, collaborative, impressive”: the adjectives were used by a group of employees who have moved into Sonae’s first headquarters in Spain this year.

What kind of business does Sonae FS have?

Includes Retail Properties management. Financial Services SONAE FS 100% Sonae FS is the business segment responsible for fostering financial services. It includes the “Universo” card, “Dá” card, Continente Money Transfer, cross-selling over store credit services and also the insurance broker MDS.

How is Worten becoming stronger as it digitally reinvents itself?

How Worten is becoming stronger as it digitally reinvents itself . Consolidated turnover (9%) and Underlying EBITDA (21%) increased yoy. New TechHub building is located in Maia, brings several benefits and infrastructures to BIT and allows greater proximity between BIT and its Sonae stakeholders .

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