Are there USDA loans in Tennessee?

Are there USDA loans in Tennessee?

A USDA loan provides low-cost government-insured home mortgage loans that fit a variety of home buyers. The program is especially great for Tennessee first time home buyers that have little to no cash savings for a large down payment. USDA is one of the only program today that allows 100% home financing in TN.

What does a USDA loan do?

USDA loans are special mortgages meant for low- to moderate-income home buyers. These loans are guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture. That guarantee acts as a form of insurance protecting USDA lenders, so they’re able to offer below-market interest rates and zero-down home loans.

Where are the rural development offices in Tennessee?

Tennessee Contact Information. Tennessee State Office. 441 Donelson Pike, Suite 310. Nashville, TN 37214. Phone: 615-783-1300, 800-342-3149. Fax: 855-776-7057. Rural Development programs are delivered through area offices across Tennessee.

Where can I get a rural development loan?

County or Equivalent Limit Effective 02‐01‐2021 Santa Cruz County $657,900 Shasta County $351,000 Sierra County $304,100 Siskiyou County $345,600 Solano County $445,800 Sonoma County $763,200 Stanislaus County $354,100 Sutter County $299,000 Tehama County $339,600 Trinity County $347,200 Tulare County $285,000 Tuolumne County $304,100

How does Rural Development Fund Help rural Tennessee?

To improve the rural economies of Tennessee by stimulating business and economic growth thru the provision of affordable capital, creative financial structures, and by leveraging private investment into low income communities; improving the overall quality of life in Rural Tennessee.

How is property eligibility determined by rural development?

Rural Development, however, does not guarantee the accuracy, or completeness of any information, product, process, or determination provided by this system. Final determination of property eligibility must be made by Rural Development upon receipt of a complete application.

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