Does Fuji make black and white film?

Does Fuji make black and white film?

Super Fine Grain Black & White Film Neopan 100 Acros II is Fujifilm Professional’s newest addition to its family of films. Neopan 100 Acros II is a medium speed, ultra-high-image quality black-and-white negative film and features the world’s highest standard in grain quality among ISO 100 films.

What is Fujifilm monochrome?

Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome is the first black-and-white film for the Instax system. It has a lovely character with moderate contrast and detail visible in shadows.

Is monochrome film black and white?

Monochrome is 2 colors, this is 256+ shades of black/white/gray. And for the record, this is grayscale film, not monochrome.

What is Acros film simulation?

The ACROS film simulation was designed by the Fujifilm engineers to specifically emulate their black & white film. It has completely different characteristics than PROVIA in the way it handles tones & texture, especially in the shadows.

What is orthoPANchromatic film?

films that are “orthoPANchromatic,”( e.g.Efke 50-speed and 25-speed ) are less sensitive to red light than ordinary panchromatic film. This render red and any color containing of portion of red look dark and rich.

Why does my Fujifilm come out black?

The number one reason pictures taken with the Mini 9 end up underexposed is because the wrong setting was chosen on the brightness adjustment dial. Accidentally chose Very Sunny inside a dark room and you can bet your bottom dollar that your image will be as black as night.

What does monochrome mean in photography?

The definition of monochrome is an image displaying a single colour or different shades of a single color. Black and white photography is the most prominent example of monochrome photography, as it represents subjects in varying shades of neutral gray, but includes no other colors.

What does black and white represent in film?

But more importantly, black and white changes a movie thematically, providing atmosphere, tone, and visually providing stark contrasts and a dreamlike view of the world. It can at once make a film feel more real (like time period accurate film and photographs) while making it feel unreal (real life is in color).

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