Can Livescribe pen convert audio to text?

Can Livescribe pen convert audio to text?

As a Livescribe user, you’re probably familiar with uploading your audio to Evernote. Now with the new Livescribe/TranscribeMe partnership, you can submit that note for speech-to-text processing.

Does Livescribe work with Chromebooks?

Does the pen work with Google Chromebooks? The Aegir smartpen currently has companion apps for iOS and Android devices. If you are using a Chromebook that supports Android apps available through the Google Play store, you should be able to install and use the Livescribe+ mobile app.

Does OCR work on handwriting?

OCR tools analyze the handwritten or typed text in images and convert it into editable text. Some tools even have spell checkers that give additional help in the case of unrecognizable words.

Is there a way to scan handwritten notes to text?

Google has a few tools that can turn handwriting into text, and chances are you’ve already got them. The first is Google Drive. Open the app on your phone, hit the + icon in the bottom corner and select Scan. The PDFs it saves aren’t editable in Drive itself, but they are searchable.

Do you need a Sky WiFi SmartPen to use Livescribe?

During the setup process, you will link your Sky wifi smartpen to Livescribe and Evernote accounts. You can either log into existing accounts or create new accounts during the setup. You will need to use Livescribe Helper, a lightweight utility, to install a required firmware updatefor your smartpen.

What do you need to know about Livescribe?

Livescribe paper-based computing platform includes a smartpen, dot paper and software applications that changes the way people capture, use and share audio and visual information with pen and paper. home> support> sky tip & tricks – getting started The Basics After setting up your Sky wifi smartpen, watch this video to learn the basics.

How does a Livescribe notebook connect to the Internet?

Your Livescribe wifi smartpen can also connect to the Internet through WiFi enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops that support Personal Hotspots. Turn on your Personal Hotspot from your mobile device and then connect to the device’s WiFi network using the controls on the inside cover of your Starter Notebook.

How can I use Livescribe helper on my computer?

In situations where you can’t connect to WiFi, Livescribe Helper provides a convenient backup option for syncing your notes and audio to your online Evernote account. Simply connect your smartpen with the included USB cable to your Mac or Windows computer after installing Livescribe Helper. Livescribe Helper Quick Start:

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