How did they film the church scene in Kingsman?

How did they film the church scene in Kingsman?

The illusion was created by finding joins between each action take (usually actors wiping through the shot) and seamlessly editing them together. Shot over 7 days, the scene features around 130 actors on screen including 20 stunt men, 30 special actors and 70-80 extras – and Mr Colin Firth (obviously).

What happened in the Kingsman church scene?

It happens because the main bad guy in the movie, Samuel L. Jackson’s Richmond Valentine, inserts SIM cards into free cellphones he gives away that, when activated, emit a sound that turns everybody within earshot super violent.

Who died in Kingsman Secret Service?

Colin Firth
Kingsman: The Golden Circle changed one of the best parts of Kingsman: The Secret Service and somehow managed to make it better. The scene in question is the death of super-spy Harry Hart (Colin Firth) at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson.

Who is the editor of the church scene in Kingsman?

Like those scenes mentioned above, the “church scene” from Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, shot by George Richmond and edited by Eddie Hamilton and Jon Harris, is one of the finest examples in contemporary cinema of a high-octane action scene that’s had its chaos edited into a coherent ballet of violence.

What happens in church in Kingsman The Secret Service?

Almost all of the people in the church have one of the phones, and so when Valentine turns on the corrupted SIM cards, everyone starts fighting. Harry, since he’s a highly trained secret agent and all, becomes a truly unstoppable murder demon.

How did they make the Kingsman spy movie?

The Kingsman franchise has soared past all expectations for spy parody movies. Its outrageous action sequences are still mind-blowing to watch years later. The innovative techniques that went into producing them are no less astonishing. Scenes required actors to put their lives at risk. Cameramen walked away with injuries.

How did Colin Firth prepare for Kingsman?

Firth says he trained three hours a day for six months to convince director Matthew Vaughn that he could nail the stunts. Firth’s efforts went towards more than one scene. He did nearly 90% of all his own stunts in the movie. An expert took over for the most dangerous scenes but Firth still left set with enough bruises to prove his hard work.

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