Who promoted religious diversity in the Ottoman Empire?

Who promoted religious diversity in the Ottoman Empire?

Babur’s respect for other beliefs inspired Akbar to promote religious tolerance.

What is Sultan Mehmed II known for?

What were Mehmed II’s achievements? Mehmed the Conqueror expanded the Ottoman Empire, leading the siege of Constantinople in 1453 and extending the empire’s reach into the Balkans. This westward expansion across the heart of the former Eastern Roman Empire led him to declare himself Kayser-i Rum (Roman Caesar).

How did Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II helped strengthen the empire?

Ottoman sultan MehmedII helped to strengthen the empire by changing Constantinople to Istanbul promoting religious diversity. Explanation: The capture of Constantinople was to make Ottoman the most powerful in south-eastern Europe and ended the Roman Empire.

Did Mehmed II have religious tolerance?

Mehmed II’s reign is also well-known for the religious tolerance with which he treated his subjects, especially among the conquered Christians, which was very unusual for Europe in the Middle Ages. However, his army was recruited from the Devshirme.

Which is ruler promoted religious diversity in the Ottoman Empire?

Mehmed II promoted religious diversity in the Ottoman Empire. Log in for more information. Added 182 days ago|9/19/2020 3:08:52 PM This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

When did Mehmed II become Sultan for the second time?

Following death of Murad II in 1451, Mehmed II became sultan for second time. İbrahim Bey of Karaman invaded disputed area and instigated various revolts against Ottoman rule. Mehmed II conducted first campaign against İbrahim of Karaman; Byzantines threatened to release Ottoman claimant Orhan.

Who was a powerful Sultan in the Ottoman Empire?

Both created architectural achievements Who was a powerful sultan in the Ottoman Empire? Mehmed II Ottoman sultan Suleiman I and Mughal emperor Akbar both granted religious freedom to non-Muslims Which ruler promoted religious diversity in the Ottoman Empire? Mehmed II

Which is an achievement of Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire?

Which was an achievement of Suleiman I? He led the Ottoman Empire into Eastern Europe. Which ruler founded the Mughal Empire? Babur In general, the Mughal Empire supported religious tolerance Akbar most helped non-Muslims by ending taxes they had to pay Mughal emperor Akbar showed respect for religious diversity by

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