Who won Miss SA 2014?

Who won Miss SA 2014?

Rolene Strauss
Miss South Africa 2014/Winners

Is Miss SA allowed to date?

Can I enter if I am in a committed relationship and/or engaged? An entrant may be in a committed relationship or engaged, however, must adhere to the rule of not getting married during the Miss South Africa pre-competition process or prior to competing internationally.

Who was the first black Miss South Africa?

Media mogul and former Miss South Africa, Basetsana Kumalo, is a powerhouse whose journey started at the young age of 16 when she was crowned Miss Soweto and soon after, crowned Miss Black South Africa in 1990.

Who won Miss SA 2015?

Liesl Laurie
Miss South Africa 2015/Winners
Liesl Laurie from Johannesburg was crowned Miss South Africa 2015 by the outgoing title holder Zipozakhe Zokufa. Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss attended the event, along with two other South Africans to have won Miss World, Penelope Coelen, Miss World 1958 and Anneline Kriel, Miss World 1974.

Who was the winner of Miss South Africa in 2014?

Rolene Strauss is crowned Miss South Africa for 2014.

Where did the Miss South Africa pageant take place?

The Miss South Africa 2014 pageant took place on Sunday the 30th of March at the Sun City Superbowl. The pageant was broadcast on DStv on Mzansi Magic. The final was contested by 12 girls who were selected after weeks of grueling challenges at Sun City International.

Who was the first runner up for Miss World 2014?

The pageant was won by Rolene Strauss who, in the December of the same year, was also crowned Miss World. Strauss’ winning of the Miss World title made her ineligible for Miss Universe; this led to Miss South Africa 2014 first runner up Ziphozakhe Zokufa being crowned Miss South Africa, to allow Zokufa to compete for the Miss Universe 2014 crown.

Can you watch Miss SA finals on YouTube?

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