Where is the changing of the guards in Athens?

Where is the changing of the guards in Athens?

The Presidential Mansion
The Presidential Mansion is the place to be to see a Changing the Guard ceremony in Athens, Greece. Changing of the Guard ceremonies take place at the Presidential Mansion and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is off Syntagma Square below the Hellenic Parliament.

How often do they change the guard in Athens?

Every soldier guards for about an hour, 3 times in total every 48 hours. Throughout these 60 minutes, they have to stand perfectly still until it is time to switch with another guard. During the changing, they work in pairs so they can perfectly coordinate their moves.

Why do Greek soldiers march funny?

The tale goes that when a young King Otto moved from Bavaria to Greece to take the throne, he could no longer hear the sounds he loved – that of horses. So he made his guards walk in this fashion to replicate the sound and therefore, make him feel like he was closer to home.

Who are the Evzones in Athens Greece?

The Greek Presidential Guard or Evzones are a group of elite Greek soldiers who are trained to perform various ceremonial duties. They stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Presidential Palace and also raise and lower the flag at the Acropolis every Sunday.

How often do the guards change at Syntagma Square?

Something unique to Greece is the Evzones and the Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square, Athens, which occurs every day, every hour on the hour. The Presidential Guards, Evzones, guard the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb in front of the Hellenic Parliament 24/7.

Why do Greeks wear pom poms on their shoes?

Greeks in rural and mountainous areas used to wear tsarouchia until as late as the 1960s. They were worn by farmers because they were robust, powerful and long-lasting. As for the tassel, it would protect the toes from the snow and cold.

Why do Greek soldiers wear skirts?

More than a fashion statement, this form of dress was designed to show a man’s strength and prowess, much like a kilt. In a way, the fustanella epitomized the mixed heritage of modern Greece, with Albanian, Ottoman, and Classic influences, and was declared to be Greek at a time when a national costume was needed.

When does the changing of the guards take place in Athens?

The Changing of the Guards in Athens happens every hour, on the hour. Rain, shine or snow, the Guards will be there. They march in front of the Tomb, and change shifts in couples, using intricately choreographed moves. At 11am on Sundays, a much more impressive ceremony takes place, where a large group of Evzones gather in front of the Parliament.

When do the Evzones guards go off duty?

There is a ceremony to mark the change of sentries, every hour on the hour when two Evzones Guards go off duty and two new guards go on duty. The Evzones guard both the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which remembers the thousands of Greek soldiers who were killed in the war and the Parliament building.

What are the uniforms of the Evzones in Greece?

This uniform is blue in winter and brown in summer. In official ceremonies, the Evzones also wear the traditional uniforms of Crete and Pontus, as recognition of the contribution of these regions in the national fights. There are many ways to reach the Greek Parliament and watch the Changing of Guards, from any location in Athens.

What’s it really like to be an Evzone?

What’s it Really Like to be an Evzone? The “evzones”, or the Greek Presidential Guard, are an elite group of soldiers who stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Presidential Mansion. But there’s so much more to them than pleated mini-skirts and pompoms. What’s it Really Like to be an Evzone?

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