Whose baby did Nicolette give Paul?

Whose baby did Nicolette give Paul?

As Nicolette returned to her room with the signed cheque for $1,000,000, it was revealed that the baby she handed over to Paul was not David and Aaron’s baby at all.

Does Nicolette get found out?

Nicolette’s family and friends have had no luck finding her, but Paul (Stefan Dennis) finally tracked her down this week thanks to his private investigator John Wong, who offered a lead. Paul was shocked to find out that Nicolette had given birth five days ago.

Is Kyle leaving Neighbours again?

Milligan chose to leave Neighbours in 2015 and Kyle departed on 8 April 2016. He made a brief return from 15 to 20 September 2016, and returned as a regular character from 2 April 2019….

Kyle Canning
Duration 2008–2016, 2019–
First appearance 26 November 2008
Introduced by Susan Bower (2008) Jason Herbison (2019)

Does Nicolette run away with the baby?

Broken, Nicolette did what she does best – she ran. Packing her belongings, she upped and left Erinsborough, eight and a half months pregnant with a child that legally was hers, but morally was not. Nicolette has cut herself off from everyone in Erinsborough and hasn’t returned anyone’s messages.

Is Nicole leaving Neighbours?

Charlotte Chimes has left her role as Nicolette Stone in Neighbours.

Is Hendrix leaving Neighbours?

Neighbours Soap Scoop! Neighbours’ Hendrix Greyson is left disappointed by Pierce once more on UK screens next week, as his father makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street. Don Hany is back as Pierce for a guest stint half a year since his character moved to Sydney following the end of his marriage to Chloe Brennan.

Is Bea leaving Neighbours 2020?

Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson has discussed her decision to leave the soap, as her character Bea Nilsson exits on Australian screens next week. Bonnie has played Bea for three years, and said in an interview with TV Week magazine that she felt like now was the right time to leave.

Are there any spoilers for the TV show Neighbours?

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Who is in danger in Neighbours next week?

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Who are the new characters in Neighbours 2019?

Neighbours first look at Bea Nilsson exit episode Neighbours accident for Levi after Bea exit Neighbours star had Mackenzie and Hendrix doubts Neighbours’ Ned and new Sheila are caught out Neighbours to revisit Levi Canning’s attack story Neighbours’ Toadie and Mel row over Nell and Hugo Neighbours Spoilers

Who is going to be new love interest in Neighbours?

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