What is the default password for HP ProCurve Switch?

What is the default password for HP ProCurve Switch?

Using the Console Setup screen

Parameter Default
Manager Password blank
Logon Default CLI
Time Zone 0 (none)
Community Name public

How do I change the IP address on my HP ProCurve Switch?

HP Procurve Switch # [Tab] to the IP Config (DHCP/Bootp) field and use the Space bar to select the Manual option. [Tab] to the IP Address field and enter the IP address that is compatible with your network. [Tab] to the Subnet Mask field and enter the subnet mask used for your network.

How do I reset my HP ProCurve 2810 to factory settings?

To execute the factory default reset on the switch, perform these steps:

  1. Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch.
  2. Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.
  3. When the Self Test LED begins to blink, release the Clear button.

How do I access the HP ProCurve Switch web interface?

To enable web login, log in to the device via the console port, and perform the following configuration: • Enable HTTP or HTTPS service • Configure the IP address of the VLAN interface • Configure a username and password The device supports the following web login methods: • HTTP login: • HTTPS login: The following …

How do I change my HP ProCurve switch username and password?

Setting passwords (Menu)

  1. From the Main Menu select: Console passwords. Set password screen.
  2. To set a new password: Select Set manager password or Set operator password. You will then be prompted with Enter new password . Type a password of up to 64 ASCII characters with no spaces, and press Enter.

How do I assign an IP address to my HP switch?

Click on Quick Setup. In the Switch Quick Setup Parameters box, click on Change. Enter the IP address and any other information such as the Subnet mask and Gateway. Click on Save to save changes.

How do I reset my HP 8g 1920?

Restoring to factory defaults

  1. Using a small, thin tool with blunt ends (such as a paper clip), press the Reset button on the front of the switch.
  2. Continue to press the Reset button until the Fault LED light begins to flash.
  3. Release the Reset button.

How do I put my HP switch into control mode?

Configuration commands and the context configuration modes

  1. HP Switch(config)# interface c3-c6. HP Switch(eth-C5-C8)#
  2. HP Switch(eth-C5-C8)# HP Switch(eth-Trk1)#
  3. HP Switch(config)# vlan 100. Command executed at configuration level to enter VLAN 100 context.
  4. HP Switch(vlan-100)#
  5. HP Switch(vlan-100)#?

How do I change my switch password?

This is the part where you can set the options on the app to technically set a password on your Nintendo Switch.

  1. Go to Select Restriction Level.
  2. Choose the highest restriction level.
  3. On the Posting to Social Media tab choose Restrict.
  4. On the Communicate with others tab choose Restrict.
  5. Complete setup by clicking Next.

Is the HP ProCurve 2810 switch an IP address?

Remember, no IP addresses have been configured for the switch or any VLANs which reside on this switch. The examples and configuration above allowed devices on port 16 of each switch (members of VLAN 200) to communicate. By plugging into different VLANs (VLAN 100 and VLAN 200) the devices were unable to communicate.

Do you need crossover cable for HP ProCurve switch?

The idea here is to have the same VLAN on both switches and allow both devices communicate over that VLAN. NOTE: when going from switch to switch a crossover cable is usually required. However, the HP Procurve perform auto MDI/MDI-X which eliminates the need for one. First, we will login via the console port to configure the switch. See below:

Where is the password reset button on a ProCurve switch?

Procurves usually have a password reset button on the front of the switch. Unless this has been specifically disabled it should reset the password to get into the console which then you can set a new password for the web GUI, Per the guide, configured. Use this feature if you have misplaced the password and need

Can a HP ProCurve switch be used as a VLAN?

This article provides instructions on VLAN configuration of HP ProCurve switches. The examples below are performed on a J9022A 48-port model, but the syntax should also work with other ProCurve models. For those who are not familar with VLANs, please see basic VLAN configuration.

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