What should my T4 level be UK?

What should my T4 level be UK?

Reference range: TSH: 0.27 – 4.2 mU/L, Free T4 12 – 22 pmol/L, Free T3: 3.1 – 6.8 pmol/L. See document below for Reference Ranges in Children (ages 0-18 years).

What should your T4 total be?

A normal Total T4 level in adults ranges from 5.0 to 12.0μg/dL. A normal Total T3 level in adults ranges from 80-220 ng/dL.

What is a good range for T4 free?

A typical normal range is 0.9 to 2.3 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), or 12 to 30 picomoles per liter (pmol/L). Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some laboratories use different measurements or may test different specimens.

What is a good T4 score?

The normal range for free T 4 in adults is 0.8 to 1.8 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). A level of free T 4 that is higher than normal could mean you have an overactive thyroid. Conditions associated with hyperthyroidism include Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder.

What’s the normal level of T4 in the blood?

Normal levels in adults. In adults, normal levels of total T4 range from 5–12 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dl) of blood. Normal levels of free T4 range from 0.8–1.8 nanograms per deciliter

How to diagnose high total or free T4?

High Total or Free T4 (analogue method) Normal/high TSH Figure. Differential Diagnosis of Hyperthyroxinemia and Nonsuppressed TSH High Total or Free T4 (analogue method) Normal/high TSH Rule out levothyroxine therapy, acute non-thyroidal illness, and drug effects Normal DFT4 Normal/high TSH Suspect resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH) Positive

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Why is total T3 less reliable than total T4?

Measurement of total T3 is less reliable because it is affected by changes in binding sites and has less binding affinity. Various drugs such as Anabolic Steroids, Glucocorticoids and Phenylbutazone may compete for binding sites on thyroglobulin and decrease total T4 levels.

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