How much edex do I use?

How much edex do I use?

The dosage range of edex® for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is 1 to 40 mcg. The intracavernous injection should be given over a 5 to 10 second interval. In a study with a dose range of 1 to 20 mcg of edex®, the mean dose was 10.7 mcg at the end of the dose titration period.

How long does edex stay in your system?

After intracavernous injection of 20 mcg of edex® (alprostadil for injection) in patients with erectile dysfunction, the terminal half-lives (t½) of 15-keto-PGE0 and PGE0 were calculated to be 40.9 ± 16.5 minutes and 63.2 ± 31.1 minutes, respectively.

Does edex need to be refrigerated?

Store in the refrigerator. Do not freeze. Alprostadil for Injection while in the powder form can be stored at room temperature (between 15 and 25 °C or 59 and 77 °F) for 3 months. After it is mixed, the solution must be used immediately or within 24 hours and not refrigerated or frozen.

How often can you use edex?

This medication should usually work within 5 to 20 minutes to produce an erection that lasts for about 1 hour. The manufacturer recommends that this medication be used no more than 3 times a week with at least 1 day between each dose.

How to inject EDEX instructions?

Edex Injection Dosage. The site of injection is usually along the lateral aspect of the proximal third of the penis. Visible veins should be avoided. The side of the penis that is injected and the site of injection must be alternated. The injection site must be cleansed with an alcohol swab before injection.

What is Ed injection therapy?

Penile injection therapy is one treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This treatment has been available to men with ED for more than 25 years and is FDA-approved. Penile injection therapy is a great option to consider if you have had: Lack of improvement using oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis.

What are Ed injections?

Injections are an ED treatment option for some patients. Alprostadil (al-PROS-tuh-dil) is a synthetic form of the hormone prostaglandin E and is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). This hormone helps relax smooth muscle tissue in the penis, which in turn allows blood to flow into the cylinders of sponge tissue, causing an erection.

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