What is a 7/10 split in bowling called?

What is a 7/10 split in bowling called?

One of the most infamous of splits is the 7–10 split, often called “goal posts”, “bedposts”, or “snake eyes”, where the bowler is left with the leftmost and the rightmost pin in the back row (the number 7 and number 10) to knock down with a single ball to achieve a spare.

What are the splits called in bowling?

Picket Fence
Known as “Picket Fence” splits because of the fence-like appearance of the pins left standing. The 1-2-4-7 pins line the left side of the pin formation like a fence, while the 1-3-6-10 pins line the right side of the pin formation in the same way.

What’s a 7/10 split?

For the uninitiated, a 7-10 split is when a bowler has knocked every single pin except for two in the back row on opposite corners. Your best bet is to throw the ball hard enough to make one ricochet into the other so that both get knocked down.

What sport includes a 7/10 split?

Anthony Neuer made Professional Bowlers Association Tour history Sunday by picking up the rare 7-10 split in his U.S. Open semifinal matchup. The 18-year-old became just the fourth player to accomplish the feat during a PBA Tour TV broadcast, and the first to do it on the air since 1991.

What is the toughest shot in bowling?

-10 split
According to a fascinating statistical analysis of professional bowlers’ scores since 2003, the hardest shot in bowling is actually the 4-6-7-9-10 split, also known in bowling lingo as a “Greek Church”.

How hard is it to pick up a 7/10 split?

The 7-10 split is challenging, but not impossible. With two pins left standing, one on either side of the deck, it takes skillful calculation, impressive technique, and maybe a little luck to pull this one off.

What do you call two strikes in a row in Bowling?

Dive: A ball that hooks at the last second. Double: Two strikes in a row. Double wood: when one pin is directly behind the other. Dump the ball: Releasing the ball without bending of the knee. Dutch 200: A 200 game scored alternating strikes and spares. Fence posts: A 7-10 split.

What was the 7-10 split in Bowling Kingpin?

At a crucial moment in the classic bowling comedy Kingpin, Woody Harrelson’s character, Roy Munson, stares down a 7-10 split. “The dreaded 7-10 split,” an announcer intones.

What are the different kinds of splits in Bowling?

“Baby” Splits are splits that involve pins that are separated by only one pin or less. Examples of “Baby” Splits include the 2-7 split, 1-4 split, 1-6 split, and 3-10 split, all of which are fairly common. Not-so-common “Baby” splits (because they involve interior rather than exterior pins) include the 2-9 split and the 3-7 split.

Who was the only PBA bowler to convert a 7-10 split?

Before Sunday, the only bowlers to convert the 7–10 split on TV were Mark Roth (at the 1980 Alameda Open), John Mazza (at the 1990 Bud Light Classic) and Jess Stayrook (at the 1991 Tuscon Open). “It was pretty cool, honestly. I mean, I’m not gonna say it was bad,” Neuer said during the United States Bowling Congress’s postgame show.

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