What is a Section 198 referral?

What is a Section 198 referral?

10.45 Section 198(1) enables a housing authority to refer an applicant who is owed the main housing duty but does not have a local connection to their district, to another housing authority in England, Wales or Scotland if it considers that the conditions for referral are met.

How do you get referred to a shelter?

To make a referral please complete and return our referral form to [email protected] We are only able to accept clients that are low risk. Please note: due to the volume of referrals that we receive we do not respond to all referrals. We will respond if we are able to offer your client a bed space.

Who is priority need homelessness?

Section 189 (1) of the 1996 Act defines priority need, and section 189 (1)( c) outlines that priority need includes “a person who is vulnerable as a result of old age, mental illness or handicap or physical disability or other special reason, or with whom such a person resides or might reasonably be expected to reside. …

What is local authority referral?

Local authorities are under a legal duty to refer where they are the regulated activity provider and they have withdrawn permission for a person to engage in regulated activity, because the person has either: harmed or poses a risk of harm to a child or vulnerable adult, or. satisfied the harm test, or.

How do I prove local connection?

What is a local connection?

  1. You live in the area. If you have lived in the area for six months out of the past 12, or three years out of the past five, you have a local connection.
  2. You have close family in the area.
  3. You work in the area.
  4. Other reasons.

How much does it cost to stay in a homeless shelter?

The charge will vary depending on where you’re staying, assuming there is a charge, but the most common range that I’ve seen at most shelters is between $5 and $10 per night.

What is a local connection?

You have close family in the area You will have a local connection if you have close family who have lived in the area for at least five years. You may have a local connection if you were brought up in the area by a different family member such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent.

What is Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996?

The homelessness legislation The primary homelessness legislation – that is, Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996 – provides the statutory under-pinning for action to prevent homelessness and provide assistance to people threatened with or actually homeless.

Can a homeless person be referred to another local authority?

Consequently, if such a person made a homelessness application to a housing authority in England, and did not have a local connection with the district of that authority, the fact that they had been provided with section 95 accommodation in Scotland would not establish conditions for referral to the relevant local authority in Scotland.

What is the chronically homeless referral program in Santa Clara County?

SCCHA’s Chronically Homeless Direct Referral (CHDR) program is a locally designed voucher referral program for the chronically homeless population in Santa Clara County.

Can a referral be made to another local authority?

However, a referral should not be made to another local authority on the grounds of a local connection because of family associations if the applicant objects to those grounds; (iv) there are special circumstances which the authority considers establish a local connection with the district.

What is Chapter 21 of homelessness code of guidance?

21.1 This chapter provides guidance on providing homelessness services to people who have experienced domestic violence or abuse, or are at risk of domestic violence or abuse. 21.2 Domestic violence or abuse is ‘domestic’ in nature if the perpetrator is a person who is associated with the victim.

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