Where did Sofia Kovalevskaya study?

Where did Sofia Kovalevskaya study?

University of Göttingen1874
Heidelberg University
Sofya Kovalevskaya/Education

Who taught Sofya Kovalevskaya?

Strannoliubskii. In 1866-67 she spent much of the winter with her family in St. Petersburg, where she was provided private tutoring by Strannoliubskii, a well-known advocate of higher education for women, who taught her calculus.

When was the first woman to receive a PhD in math?

1886: The first American Woman to receive a PhD. in math (from Columbia University) was Winifred Edgerton Merill who was born and raised in Ripon, WI.

Who is Sonya Kovalevsky and what did she do?

mathematics. Sonya Kovalevsky was the greatest woman mathe. matician prior to the twentieth century. She was the daughter of Vasily Korvin-Krukovsky, an artillery general, and Yelizaveta Shubert, both well-educated members of the Russian nobility.

Who was Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya and what did she do?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya (Russian: Софья Васильевна Ковалевская), born Sofia Vasilyevna Korvin-Krukovskaya (15 January [O.S. 3 January] 1850 – 10 February 1891), was a Russian mathematician who made noteworthy contributions to analysis, partial differential equations and mechanics.

What did Sonya Kovalevsky study at the Naval Academy?

Study of that novel wall-covering provided Sonya with her introduction to the calculus. In 1867 she took a more rigorous course under the tutelage of Aleksandr N. Strannolyubsky, mathematics professor at the naval academy in St. Petersburg, who immediately recognized her great potential as a mathematician.

How many scientific papers did Sofia Kovalevskaya publish?

On February 10, 1891, Sofia Kovalevskaya died and the scientific world mourned her loss. During her career she published ten papers in mathematics and mathematical physics and also several literary works. Many of these scientific papers were ground-breaking theories or the impetus for future discoveries.


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