How much damage does a Molotov do cs go?

How much damage does a Molotov do cs go?

The flame deals a consistent 40 damage per second (in individual hits of 8 damage) with 100% armor penetration to those in contact, including the user, their teammates, and hostages. The fire disappears after roughly 7 seconds (7.03125 seconds to be exact). Multiple flames overlapping each other will stack the damage.

Who has the most kills in CSGO?

Kenny ‘kennyS
Most kills (total): Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub (36,895 kills) ESL kennyS is CS:GO’s most lethal player in history.

How much does a Molotov cost in CSGO?

The terrorists will be able to buy a molotov for $400, whereas the counter-terrorists can buy an incendiary grenade for $600. As you can see the molotov is cheaper. It also has better armour penetration than its counterpart. The incendiary on the other hand deploys faster and can be thrown further.

What gun has the highest kill reward in CSGO?

Weapon – Award Per Kill ($)

  • Knife – $1500.
  • Pistol (excluding CZ75-Auto) – $300.
  • CZ75-Auto – $100.
  • SMG (excluding P90) – $600.
  • P90 – $300.
  • Shotgun – $900.
  • Assault Rifles & Auto Snipers – $300.
  • AWP – $100.

What is a white phosphorus grenade used for?

White phosphorus munitions can be used on battlefields to make smoke screens, generate illumination, mark targets or burn bunkers and buildings. Because it has legal uses, white phosphorus is not banned as a chemical weapon under international conventions.

Who is the oldest CSGO pro player?

Abbe Drakborg
The man who is regarded as the oldest esports player in the world is Abbe Drakborg, known online as ‘DieHardBirdie’, a famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who picked up the game after he retired.

Who is the all time best CSGO player?

The 10 best CS:GO players of all time

  • GuardiaN – Photo via StarLadder.
  • coldzera – Photo via BLAST Pro Series.
  • flusha – Photo via ELEAGUE.
  • s1mple – Photo via ESL.
  • ZywOo – Photo via ESL.
  • dev1ce – Photo via DreamHack.
  • Olofmeister – Photo via Dreamhack.
  • Shox – Photo via ELEAGUE.

What is the difference between Molotov and incendiary?

That said, they differ in price. The Molotov costs the terrorists $400 whereas the incendiary grenade costs the counter-terrorists $600. Another difference is that when you hold down either primary fire, secondary fire or both with the Molotov it makes noise that the other team can hear if they’re close enough.

How long does a smoke last CSGO?

25 seconds
In Counter-Strike the smoke cloud lasts for 25 seconds.

How much money do you get for a Zeus kill?

The price reduction provoked backlash from many of CS:GO’s prominent players, and the newest update is seen as an attempt to situate this unique weapon into a more niche role once again: the price tag has been raised to $200, the kill reward reduced to $0, and movement speed with the Zeus lowered to 220 units per …

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