Who is Mitchell Marsh Brother?

Who is Mitchell Marsh Brother?

Shaun Marsh
Mitchell Marsh/Brothers

Are Shaun and Mitchell Marsh brothers?

Mitchell Ross Marsh (born 20 October 1991) is an Australian international cricketer….Mitchell Marsh.

Personal information
Role All-rounder
Relations Geoff Marsh (father) Shaun Marsh (brother) Melissa Marsh (sister)
International information
National side Australia (2011–present)

Who is elder Mitchell Marsh or Shaun Marsh?

Marsh is the first son of Geoff Marsh and elder brother of Mitchell Marsh, both of whom have played for the Australian national side. Marsh is married to Channel 7 journalist Rebecca O’Donovan, now Rebecca Marsh. They have three children. His brother-in-law is animator and internet personality Ross O’Donovan.

What happened to Michael Marsh?

Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh suffered an ankle injury while bowling during his side Sunrisers Hyderabad’s IPL opener against Royal Challengers here on Monday. The 28-year-old Marsh twisted his ankle on the follow through during the fifth over of the RCB innings and he was seen hobbling out of the ground.

Is Mitchell Marsh bowler or batsman?

Personal Information

Full Name Mitchell Ross Marsh
Age 29 Years, 10 Months, 12 Days
National Side Australia
Batting Style Right Handed
Bowling Right-arm medium

Who is the father of Mitchell Marsh?

Geoff Marsh
Mitchell Marsh/Fathers

Geoff Marsh is only the third Test player – after Walter Hadlee and Lala Amarnath – to have two sons play Test cricket: Shaun Marsh, who made his test debut against Sri Lanka in 2011; and Mitchell Marsh, who made his test debut against Pakistan in 2014.

Did Shaun Marsh retire?

Shaun Marsh has not played an international test cricket match since the last time India toured Australia in 2018-19. Although, the left-hander has not retired from cricket, he has hinted that his days in international cricket might be over. “I think so, yeah,” he said. “I’m 37 now.

How old is Mitch Marsh?

29 years (October 20, 1991)
Mitchell Marsh/Age

Who is Mitch Marsh dad?

Mitchell Marsh/Fathers

How old is Shaun Marsh?

38 years (July 9, 1983)
Shaun Marsh/Age

Who does Ashton Agar play for?

Western Australia cricket teamBowler
Perth ScorchersBowler
Ashton Agar/Current teams

Is Mitchell Marsh a good all-rounder?

Mitchell Marsh or ‘Bison’ as he is fondly known among his teammates, is an all-rounder who can hit the ball hard and bowl consistently at speeds of 140kph.


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