What is Rob Ray doing now?

What is Rob Ray doing now?

To date he is a regular with the Buffalo Sabres Alumni team and resides in Buffalo, New York, active with numerous community charities.

Is Robb Stauber related to Pete Stauber?

Professional hockey The Florida Panthers selected him from the Red Wings in the 1993 NHL Expansion Draft. Stauber and his brothers, John, Jamie, Bill, Dan, and Robb, all played hockey.

How old is Brian Duff?

Brian Barnett Duff
Born September 15, 1930 Dallas, Texas
Died February 25, 2016 (aged 85) Wilmette, Illinois
Resting place All Saints Cemetery Des Plaines, Illinois
Education University of Notre Dame (A.B.) DePaul University (J.D.)

When did Rob Ray play for the Sabres?

2004Binghamton Senators
Rob Ray/Dates joined

How many fights does Rob Ray have?

(For those interested, Hockeyfights.com credits Ray with 227 career fights, though none against Housley. The Hall-of-Fame defenseman was only involved in eight career fights.)

How many goals did Rob Ray score in his career?

41 goals
Ray had 41 goals, 50 assists, and a plus-minus of -38 in 900 games played….Rob Ray.

Born: June 8, 1968 in Stirling, Canada
Drafted: 1988 Rnd 5, Pick 97 by BUF in the NHL Entry Draft
Experience: 15 years

Who is Pete Stauber’s wife?

Jodi Stauber
Pete Stauber/Wife

How old is Pete Stauber?

55 years (May 10, 1966)
Pete Stauber/Age

Is Robbie Ray related to Rob Ray?

Rob Ray (born 1968), retired Canadian ice hockey player. Bob Ray, American filmmaker. Robbie Ray (baseball) (born 1991), American baseball pitcher.

When did Rob Ray retire?

Rob Ray/Career end

What was Rob rays number?

Today, we focus on one of nine players in Sabres history to wear jersey number 32, right winger Rob Ray. He’s perhaps the most well-known of the 32s in Sabres history and spent most of his NHL career with Buffalo. Rob Ray was originally drafted by the Sabres in 1998, 97th overall.

Who are Pete Stauber’s kids?

Congressman Stauber lives in Hermantown with his wife Jodi, an Iraq War veteran and the first female Command Chief of the 148th Fighter Wing. Together, they are the proud parents of four children: Levi, Luke, Isaac, and Addilynn. They are also proud foster parents.

Who is Robert Ray of the Buffalo Sabres?

Robert John Ray, nicknamed Rayzor (born June 8, 1968) is a Canadian sports broadcaster and former professional ice hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators. He was awarded the King Clancy Memorial Trophy by the National Hockey League in 1999 for leadership and humanitarianism.

Who was the Buffalo Sabres goaltender in 1975?

The Sabres selected three goaltenders in the 1975 draft, with Sauvé and Don Edwards being the most notable.

Where did Rob Ray play his junior hockey?

Ray played his junior hockey with the Cornwall Royals of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). The Buffalo Sabres drafted Ray in the 5th round, 97th overall in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft.

Who are the color commentators for the Buffalo Sabres?

On 11 June 2012, the Buffalo Sabres announced that Ray would replace Harry Neale as the Sabres’ color commentator, where he works alongside Rick Jeanneret. Ray also co-hosts, along with former Buffalo Bills star Ruben Brown, a weekly television show entitled The Enforcers for Time Warner Cable SportsNet.

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