What is the richest Arab?

What is the richest Arab?

Nassef Sawiris
Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris is still the richest Arab in the world, with a net worth of $8.3 billion—$3.3 billion more than last year. His most valuable asset is a nearly 6% stake in sportswear maker Adidas. He also runs OCI, one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers, with plants in Texas and Iowa.

Who is the richest Arab in the World 2021?

With a net worth of roughly $19.1 billion, Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is the richest person in the Middle East for 2021, followed by Eyal Ofer (No. 2, $11.5 billion), John Fredriksen (No. 3, $11 billion); and Nassef Sawiris (No….Ranked: The Richest People In The Middle East, 2021.

NAME Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud
TOTAL NET WORTH $19.1 billion
COUNTRY Saudi Arabia

What is the best country in Arab?


Rank Country/Territory GDP per capita (US$)
World 11,355
Arab League 6,358
1 Saudi Arabia 22,865
2 United Arab Emirates 37,749

Where is the richest Arab country?

Qatar, Middle East – Qatar is currently the wealthiest country in the Arab World (based on GDP per capita).

Which is the richest country in the Arab world?

The Top 5 Richest Arab Countries 1 Qatar. There’s something special about how Qatar manages to be on every rich list in the world. 2 United Arab Emirates. What comes to your mind when you hear the name, UAE? 3 Kuwait. 4 Saudi Arabia. 5 Bahrain.

Which is the largest country in the Arab League?

Rank Country/Territory GDP (US$ million) World equivalent GDP per capita (US$) — World 87,265,226 Japan 11,355 — Arab League 2,774,321 SGP 6,358 01 Saudi Arabia 779,389 Turkey 22,865 02 United Arab Emirates 405,771 Holland 37,749

Is there a gap between rich and poor in the Arab world?

The gap between the rich and poor is substantial. Polarizing economies exist in the Arab world as major gaps between the rich and the poor exist among nations and societies alike.

Are there any newspapers in the Arab world?

Arab mass circulation print media, that is, newspapers and magazines that are intended for audiences in the Arab world.

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