What type of company is Mirvac?

What type of company is Mirvac?

Australian property group
Mirvac is an Australian property group with operations fully across the property investment, development, and retail services landscape….Mirvac.

Type Public
Industry Property, Investment, Retail Property
Founded 1972
Headquarters Sydney, NSW, Australia

Is Mirvac Australian?

Mirvac Office and Industrial is one of Australia’s leading property owners and managers, with globally recognised assets located across Australia.

Is Mirvac a good builder?

A construction company with a good safety record generally takes pride in its work and its work practices. Mirvac Construction engages high quality, experienced contractors for each and every construction phase and trade. Mirvac also implements Quality Assurance throughout the design and construction process.

Who is the CEO of Mirvac?

Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

How does Mirvac make money?

Mirvac Group is a locally owned publicly listed stapled security, deriving revenue from real estate investment and development, third-party capital management and property asset management. The group employs approximately 1,540 people, operates in Australia, and is administered by its head office in Sydney.

Who started Mirvac?

Bob Hamilton, co-founder of Mirvac, had the audience spellbound as he shared the secrets to success at The Property Congress.

How many employees does Mirvac have?

Mirvac has 1,414 employees and is ranked 3rd among it’s top 10 competitors. The top 10 competitors average 711. GPT Group is a top competitor of Mirvac. GPT Group was founded in Sydney, New South Wales} in 1971.

Who is the CEO of Stockland?

Tarun Gupta (Jun 1, 2021–)

When was Mirvac founded?

Mirvac was founded in 1972, which means we’ve been shaping Australia’s urban landscape for almost fifty years.

Who is Stockland owned by?

General Public Ownership
General Public Ownership The general public holds a 49% stake in Stockland.


Where is Mirvac build to rent project in Melbourne?

Mirvac has launched a landmark build-to-rent project in Melbourne in partnership with private developer PDG Corporation. Part of the $450 million Munro development, the project is sited alongside the $250 million Queen Victoria Market precinct renewal in the city’s CBD.

Who are the owners of the Mirvac Group?

This website uses cookies. Please see our privacy policy to learn more about how we use cookies. Mirvac Group is an integrated, diversified Australian property group, comprising of residential, office & industrial, retail and build to rent developments with ~$24 billion of assets currently under management.

How many awards has Mirvac won in Australia?

Since Mirvac’s founding in 1972, we have won over 700 awards across our residential, office & industrial and retail divisions. Artist impression. Explore our award-winning apartment projects and masterplanned communities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Which is the first Mirvac project in the UK?

Located in Moorebank, Brighton Lakes adopted an innovative approach by being the first Mirvac project to be built using the pre-fabricated Velocity construction technique in partnership with CSR.

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